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Do you agree with Jerry Cantrell that Alice in Chains are essentially a metal band?

Discussion in '90's Music' started by JosepZ, Apr 6, 2019.

  1. JosepZ

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    Apr 4, 2019
    Sabadell, Barcelona, Spain
    I know Alice in Chains are widely considered a 'grunge' band because of the time and place they became successful, but the 'grunge' label never made much sense for me. Nirvana and Pearl Jam had very little in common, and Kurt Cobain was highly critical of PJ despite him liking Eddie Vedder personally. Sondgarden's sound also has little in common with the other 2, and together with Alice in Chains they are the most metal-influenced bands in the Seattle scene in my opinion. Both are heavily and very clearly influenced by Black Sabbath, especially AIC.

    The members of those bands never used the 'grunge' term as far as I know, and Jerry Cantrell has always insisted that Alice in Chains are essentially a metal band. And I tend to agree. They're not heavy metal the way Iron Maiden understand it, but still. I would call it alternative metal.

    Yes, sounds like alternative metal to me.

    Do you agree?

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