1. Riff Raff

    Evile (Official Thread) Genre - Thrash Metal Originated - UK Formed - 2004 Current members Ben Carter – drums (2004–present) Ol Drake – lead guitar, backing vocals (2004–2013, 2018–present), lead vocals (2020–present) Joel Graham – bass...
  2. Diamond Reo

    What other Scorpions albums would you recommend?

    Last night, I dug out my copy of Scorpions' Blackout and listened to it again, and it was just as good as - if not better than - the first time I listened to it. Now, I'm thinking of getting another Scorpions album, but I'm not sure which one(s) to get. Which would you recommend?
  3. S

    Enpsychopedia Brutalica - Kill Your Parents [Heavy Metal]

  4. JosepZ

    Do you agree with Jerry Cantrell that Alice in Chains are essentially a metal band?

    I know Alice in Chains are widely considered a 'grunge' band because of the time and place they became successful, but the 'grunge' label never made much sense for me. Nirvana and Pearl Jam had very little in common, and Kurt Cobain was highly critical of PJ despite him liking Eddie Vedder...

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