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Feb 25, 2021
Feb 29, 2012
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Feb 25, 2021
    1. Mistral Wind
      Mistral Wind
      Hi Aero! Bleach is not the name of a band. It's the name of a japanese manga/anime. The composer of the soundtrack is a japanese composer, whose name is Shiro Sagisu.
      It's a very good soundtrack, because anime and manga are considered very important things in Japan.
    2. Hydrazoic Acid
      Hydrazoic Acid
      Hello, man! :cheers2 You wrote, that you're learning to Russian language. Let me ask - for what? :grinthumb As much as I know, my native language is pretty hard to English speaking people (much more harder, than English for Russians).
    3. recgord27
      Glad you liked the song Spanish Train by Chris de Burgh. It came from his second abum, aptly called Spanish Train and Other Stories and it is an album well worth getting if you like story based songs. The album did very well on the charts in SA when it came out in 1975.
      (BTW, I HATE Lady in Red and it was reason enough for me to stop me listening to CdB for a few years.)
    4. LOU/REALM
      The Jayhawks sound good Aero, checked out the tracks[ plus more ]you gave me. they are ok..still like" baby,baby,baby" best.
      Like the vocal harmonies. I had to smile when someone said the vocalist sounded like a male Carly Simon
    5. LOU/REALM
      Aero...I really wanted you to like the Red Sided Garter Snakes track on Rate the song thread. Its the new band formed by the other Chameleons members....with the ex Puressence vocalist...maybe give it another listen
    6. LOU/REALM
      London After Midnight....Iam impressed you saw them in their early days.Yes a band that showed great potential. I saw them at the Whitby Goth Weekend festival in 1996 they were very good and I also have their debut album in my collection.
      Production may have let them down a bit, they went a bit Industrial influenced later on which a lot of 90s Gothic bands tried to do,,,but it didn't suit their style or image.Only recorded 4 albums
    7. LOU/REALM
      Great choice...TONES ON TAIL".Christian says" , haven't heard this song in years, forgotten how brilliant it was...would have been high marks from me
    8. Mistral Wind
      Mistral Wind
      Hi, Aero!
      I would like to thank you for the explanation and for the grammatical correction!
      You've been very kind! Thanks a lot! :grinthumb
    9. recgord27
      Hey, I think I replied to your private message. Let me know if you got the message or not:)
    10. Black Dahlia
      Black Dahlia
      Thank you for posting "Caro Nome" as sung by Eglise Gutierrez in the "Rate The Song Above You" thread. I loved it. [IMG]
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    - G. K. Chesterton
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