Cowboy Mach Bell “Once a Rocker...” Diary book(Joe Perry)


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Oct 5, 2009
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I live in Buffalo, NY
This book just came out and it looks like it will be one wild book! Cowboy Mach Bell was leadsinger of a 70’s rock band from the Boston area...Thundertrain. He then went on to be the lead vocalist for the Joe Perry Project from 1982-83. He kept a diary of those days with Joe Perry and this is it...I picked it up from Amazon and yes I am a fan of Joe Perry But I’m Even a bigger fan of the Joe Perry Project from the early 80’s. I seen them twice back then(both times Bell was the singer) and what wild experiences they were especially the 1982 show. I wrote about this experience on a thread about seeing bands in clubs here back in 2011...

“The Joe Perry project played at a club called the Purple Moose Saloon. Opening the show was Billy Sheehan's Talas. Sheehan was always a maniac onstage but this show he was confined to about 5 feet of stage because the drum kit was pushed up to the front of the stage. Anyway Talas are local legends & they rocked the place. The dressing room was off to the side of the stage & before Perry took the stage A pizza delivery guy dropped off a stack of about 5 large pizzas to the dressing room. All of a sudden all this yelling was going on in the room & a cowboy boot kicked through the door. More yelling went on & then all of a sudden a FIST went through the door & then the band walked out onstage. The entire band looked fried out of their minds & 2 or 3 songs in during "Buzz Buzz" singer Cowboy Mach Bell was down for the count. A roadie dragged him back to the room & Perry looked at the band & performed an instrumental ofManic Depression. Bell returned a bit later & finished the set but WOW what ashow. They returned the following year at another club after the release of'Once a Rocker' & the band was tight as hell & seemed to be in great shape” -rtbuck 2011

Anyway, as soon as I got the book yesterday I looked up the Buffalo area show and Bell explained what had happened leading up to that show and the show itself where he even mentioned it was he who kicked his boot through the door. Really wild story and 37 years later I finally found out what really went on with that show that has been embedded in my mind(My friends and I were right up front row for that show)

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