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Hydrazoic Acid
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Apr 11, 2021 at 12:37 PM
Jan 7, 2011
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Hydrazoic Acid

Cynic, Male, from France

Hydrazoic Acid was last seen:
Apr 11, 2021 at 12:37 PM
    1. Sharp Dressed Man
      Sharp Dressed Man
      That sounds weird. Your user state is on valid and as far as I can see, none of your IP addresses are blocked. Since when do you have problems?
    2. Mistral Wind
      Mistral Wind
      Hi Sergey! Thanks for your words about L'Aura! She deserves them so much! She didn't made an album for about 10 years. Cause she had a deep inspirational crisis and other problems with her label. I'm humanly really happy that she's overcome her crisis to come back with an album that I think to be her best.
      So your words are really appreciated! I wish you all the best and
      leave here my best greetings for you!
    3. Sunny
      Life in Tasmania is lovely and peaceful which is why we moved here. I fly up to Sydney quite often to visit my parents and I find the city is far too noisy and busy for me now.

      Do you think Putin will be voted out? Would that change life in Russia if he was voted out?
    4. Sunny
      You are in love and happy ................ that's wonderful. Same for me. Been together for a few years now and still very happy.
    5. Sunny
      Thanks for your message Sergey. How are you?
    6. Mistral Wind
      Mistral Wind
      Oh, not unusual, I guess each country has its own preferences... (though I thought that Led Zeppelin were considered a pillar of rock everywhere in the world, but maybe it's just my view from Italy).

      Thanks for your kind words! ;-)
      My Pc was broken, its audio in particular, so I couldn't listen to things here... and I do not usually use the mobile for forums. But, in the end, I repaired it U__U XD, so here I am.
    7. Mistral Wind
      Mistral Wind
      Hi, Sergey! How's it going? Is all okay?
      Thanks for the information about that song. To be honest I really did not noticed it, because I didn't know that Nazareth's song at all. I've never listened that much to Nazareth. I've listened to the original song now, though. It's very good and it's on a total different level... way better than Girls Aloud's one.
      (It's funny that the only thing I enjoyed about the song was that riff! XD XD XD).

      Have a nice day,
      bye! ;-)
    8. Sunny
      It was a lovely holiday on the South Island of New Zealand. Did a lot of hiking and stayed at Queenstown. Queenstown | New Zealand

      After that flew to Fiji and went to one of the many islands for a very relaxing time.
    9. Sunny
      Hello! :)

      Been travelling a bit. Went to New Zealand then Fiji. Had a great time.
    10. SanguineRemedy
      Sounds fun. I wouldn't mind popping open some of my Serpent's Bite cider whiskey right now... :cheers2
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