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Nai Noswad

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Jul 17, 2019
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The lands of Marshall Stack.
I was all of Seventeen when this album broke loose - I don't think looking back, I got swept up and away with Punk. At the time my station in life was pretty ****** and the Country refelected this the urgency and rebellious feel of these songs matched my addled mind of the time.. money was tight and I jobbed about between College to earn ticket dosh for gigs... or records.
I saw The Damned, The Jam and The Adverts in the same gig, the rawness was an extension of Iggy & the Stooges ( to me anyway.) others of a slightly complex nature appealed to... not that the 'one chord wonders' didn't float my boat- Mink Deville, The Motors, Graham Parker and The Cure etc... we're a notch up from phelgm stepping at the 100 Club.
Many a day my Garrard set-up played this song and the words reflect the fuckery of it all (even today.)
I taped this onto a TDK C90 in 1978 and that's what I'm playing how- little has changed within me in 60 odd years and I'm proud I never voted or was a sheep... have a butchers at the song.... bin' with me since time:
The Jam - Life From A Window.


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Sep 24, 2015
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Devon, UK
When I was a small boy my mother had a lodger staying in my house His name was Piers and I remember he was a bit of a hippy. I liked him he was kind to me and I remember this beautiful blonde in a white mac came calling for him at the front door of the house. I opened the door and remember she made a big impression on me because she was so beautiful. One day when Piers was out I wondered into his room and saw a turntable on the floor and some single records next to it (45pm). So I got one of the singles and managed to play it on the turntable. What came out of it has been engraved in my memory for ever. It was Rolling Stones - 'Paint it Black', to date in my modest opinion none of their other songs comes near to the heights of this song...


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