Rolling Stones ‘Have Done Nine New Tracks’ for ‘Tattoo You’ Box

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Ronnie Wood has revealed that the Rolling Stones are prepping a 40th anniversary box set for their album Tattoo You.
“Me and **** [Jagger] have done nine new tracks for the [40th anniversary] re-release of Tattoo You,” the guitarist admitted to The Times.
Released in August of 1981, the original LP was largely composed of studio outtakes recorded during the 1970s, with new vocals and instrumental parts added on to fully complete the tracks. Though the material spanned nearly a decade -- and featured recordings from more than half a dozen sessions -- the collection worked impressively well together. Lead single “Start Me Up” became one of the band’s most identifiable songs, while “Neighbours” and “Waiting on a Friend” were further stand-out tracks. Tattoo You would go on to sell more than 4 million copies in the U.S.

A new Tattoo You box set would continue the Stones’ recent trend of reissuing their classic albums with unheard bonus material. In 2020, the iconic band unveiled an expanded edition for their 1973 album Goats Head Soup with three previously unreleased tracks. Likewise, 2010’s Exile on Main Street reissue featured 10 unearthed songs from the band’s vaults, updated, overdubbed and released for the first time.
In addition to the new Tattoo You set, Wood admitted he’s recently been involved in recording new material with his pre-Rolling Stones band Faces, while also working on a tribute album to blues icon Jimmy Reed.
“I’ve had a front-row seat on some amazing rock’n’roll projects these past couple of weeks,” the rocker explained. “I’m making every day count.”
Wood added that the Stones still hope to renew their No Filter tour, which began in 2017 and was halted in 2020 due to the pandemic.

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Jul 17, 2019
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The lands of Marshall Stack.
They've messed about with Fiji Jim, and sadly missed out some cracking songs.
They touched up some songs in Miami way back... and should have left well alone. Chris Kimsey and Keith Harwood were the ultimate **** twiddlers.. this airbrushing has ruined the demo feel, coupled with omitting Brown Sugar from their set list and rewriting lyrics, I'm afraid they are rolling down the road of woke N Wole.

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