Why do you invest in music?


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Apr 20, 2009
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I have been collecting 45 rpm, LP’s, 8 tracks, cassettes, CD’s, and digital music files for 50+ years. I love music. Music is my passion. Music makes me happy. Music is soothing & relaxing. Music also lifts my spirits when I’m feeling down.

So why do I invest so much time & money into collecting music?

When I was younger, I looked forward to the newest songs and their record release date. The feeling I got taking that 45rpm home and putting it on my record player was like a drug to me. Being able to listen to the music in my room, whenever I wanted, was like having special magical powers.

Fast forward a couple years, and I became obsessed getting vinyl albums. That dopamine rush of looking for the album through the massive record bins, finding what you want, and taking home that package of happiness. Peeling off the wrapper, smelling the new vinyl, and looking at the album cover….taking in every little detail of the cover front and back. Watching the needle drop for the first time and waiting those few seconds till you hear the first sound. Ahhh….it’s like heaven. Nothing compares to that level of personal happiness.

So a music collector was created! It’s worth every dollar spent if it makes me happy.

So……what’s your story?


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Mar 6, 2024
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your music story sounds a lot like mine, Magic...I don't have any 8 tracks, but I have tons of cds and cassette tapes..and I have been collecting vinyl too for a long time...Music brings me much joy and I am always thinking what I am gonna get next...Rock and Metal is my favorite, of course, but I also love other genres..I like old country music, can't stand the new stuff..I love the blues and hip-hop, pop etc.

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Jul 17, 2019
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Nice thread and question....
(A year or so a go on here, i explained my fixation on 'Life As A Record Collector ') - or some such title.
I often lament back to those times and very much equate my passion for music and the formats available.... to being unhappy with my lot and things around - school and home life were dire, listening to the wireless or entering a Record Store was akin to Alice Through The Looking Glass! (same with books and Libraries.) And I was able to control it, with no interference from pesky parents, teachers or Authority.... to which I had an abhorrance to from the onset!
Disc and 45 were weekly pop comics that also had lyrics and often posters-as explained in Magic's original post, the 'unveiling' of an album from it's shrink wrap and all those vinyl receptors being alerted in your senses dept (lol!)
With having older Brothers a natural daily cross-over occurred from pop to heavy rock and progressive and folk. From 1968,say,i was well on the way. Labels interested me, Polydor, Harvest, Decca, CBS and Elektra were familiar examples - these early (unrecognisable at the time) events became a corner stone for my 60 odd year hobby, interest, fascination with all genres of music, coupled with that desire to own that song in varying forms.
I never forget taking a girl to a Rock Club beside the River Trent and hearing this song being blasted..... (and beaming because I knew it and only just purchased a gatefold copy)...... still get the buzz!
That song!

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