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Feb 28, 2013
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    1. Ar-Pharazon
      What sappening?
    2. Magic
    3. Ar-Pharazon
      A great deal of my source material was from the first 3 books Christopher Tolkien put out, of collected works from his father.
      There ended up being many more books in that series, but I kinda lost focus after the third one. Different priorities, etc.
    4. Magic
      Lord Grendel had an obsession with those languages, too. I remember reading somewhere that after Tolkein's death they discovered writings for at least a dozen more languages.....which meant he was planning more books of some type. Some of the written scripts for these languages is very pretty..........best calligraphy I've seen.
    5. Ar-Pharazon
      Many, many years ago, I collected Quenya, Sindarin & Noldor words from the appendices of all the available books and made dictionaries for all 3 Elven languages.
      I even had the 2 written forms (tengwar & angerthas) memorized (mostly).
      As far as my namesake, I remember Ar-Pharazôn (language of men) and Tar-Calion (Quenya), but it's been decades since that particular obsession.
    6. Magic
      Tolkien was brilliant in the fact he created a number of languages and written script to go with those languages & dialects. He also designed a world for the languages....

      His work goes way beyond just the rings:)
    7. Magic
      Yes indeed! The ruler of them all......and he had, what, 3 or 4 names......including the name you have chosen.
    8. Ar-Pharazon
    9. Magic
      at one point I was going to change my username to Miriel, which was the rightful queen of Numenor, but her husband prevented her from being queen.....and you know who her husband was?.......lol
    10. LG
      That is a great username you picked.:cheers2
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