A Ghost band(?)


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Nov 22, 2020
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Hello, I'm a young fam that loves to find both and new music and I use different sites that tracks the new releases and stuff like that. I was listening to the Mix when in a site I found an album cover that catched my eye and interested me.
White background three men with long hair and the classic hairstyle of a rocker during the 70-80's, the band goes by the name "MANTIS" I gave it a try, opened it on Spotify, found the band and listened. The music sure is rock and I love it, the sound it's DIRTY and when I say dirty I'm not meaning that it's horrible, it sounds like a dusty LP, dirty and disturbed. But I still love the band. I decided to gather some info about this band... What I found?? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING about this band.
I found a bandcamp page that sell remastered cds of the band and finally some names!

Adam Eden - vocals, guitar
Dack Andrews - bass, vocals
Dave Kerr - drums, vocals

This is the lineup of the band, so I decided to look for them and .. what I found?? NOTHING ABOUT THESE PEOPLE. The only person that I found it's this man that goes by the name of "Adam Nicholson" and has the rights of the band.
Youtube would give you more results but the other albums and tracks aren't of this Mantis band, those are from other bands that has nothing to do with this mantis band or the components that I've mentioned here.

I guess that a forum could help me out on finding something more about this supposedly ghost band and the components. Maybe these dudes are a band that never made it on the market or stuff like that but I'm interested mainly because I love their sound!

Also the album that u found it's a 35th anniversary edition but I wasn't a ble to find a single piece of the original release!

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