1. heavymetaljim

    Band who deserves more attention

    Bumped on this channel & now a fellow subscriber. I see a lot of creativity in their work, both on their own songs and also on some of their covers. Will share this as they deserve more recognition in my opinion and please share your thoughts and also bands you have discovered that would need...
  2. L

    Lady - Rolling stone

    Lady - Rolling Stone First single
  3. pedrinhorock

    New vocal cover!

    hey! I just wanted to share with you the latest vocal cover that I made for my youtube channel! A little homage to David Coverdale, as he's supposedly retiring by the end of the year! Feel free to comment, share, like and, of course, subscribe!!! That would help a lot!
  4. DMR1995

    New Song: Why should I?

    Hey just posting for the first time. We are a new band from New York called Tax the serfs. We make rock music. Very influenced by classic rock. Found this forum and thought this would be a good place to share. We write, record, and produce ourselves, and we're looking to expose our music to any...
  5. Z

    A Ghost band(?)

    Hello, I'm a young fam that loves to find both and new music and I use different sites that tracks the new releases and stuff like that. I was listening to the Mix when in a site I found an album cover that catched my eye and interested me. White background three men with long hair and the...
  6. starstruck

    Nobody expects the Spanish inquisition

    Instrumental with the taste of Mexico
  7. S

    Enpsychopedia Brutalica - Kill Your Parents [Heavy Metal]

  8. Timmy Ryan

    Howdy From Ireland!

    Hey....a big lockdown hello from Waterford,Rep. of Ireland!:rs:
  9. S

    New Album (Progressive Rock/Psycadelic Ambient)

    Hey guys, I'm part of a band called Mad Neighborhood, from Portugal. We just released our first album called "Ethos" and want to share it as much as we can, so if you like rock and ambient with a little of psycadelic elements, give a listen: Spotify -...
  10. Cameron Phan

    Full Band Cover of "The Man Who Sold The World" with a couple of my friends

    Hey there! I got together with a couple of my friends (we totally accidentally matched) to do this cover of the classic Bowie song. I also borrowed many elements from the Nirvana Cover on MTV Unplugged. It's my first time on this forum and I am excited to be apart of this awesome community...
  11. CurtRHCP

    New Album Available!

    Hi, My new album, "Debut Album of a Lonesome Man", a folk rock country album, is now available on Bandcamp!:D You can chose between physical CD or only buy the digital. If you buy the CD you automatically get the digital :) Here you have a complete...
  12. Rashflash

    warning - this song seriously rocks

    Hi guys please check out the new song from my band.

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