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Radio Grievance

Discussion in 'Rock Lounge' started by Hurdy Gurdy Man, Dec 29, 2018.

  1. Southern Comfort

    Southern Comfort Open Minded

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    Dec 11, 2018
    Deep South
    Well... I quit listening to FM radio years ago because of the limited list of songs.
    But I did find a local station My 95 that play's (Office friendly) music. But just like the opening post described they play the same artist's most of the time.
    There is another classic rock station called The Eagle, that I tried to listen to and everyday at the same time you would hear the same songs in order from the day before.. SUCKS!!
    I have collected LP's Cd's and made mix tapes for years and prefer my own choices over theirs.
    Radio station for the most part are too limited and out of touch with the listening base.
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  2. Old Dude

    Old Dude I was born at night, but it wasn't last night.

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    Jan 21, 2018
    I've seen Britcoms that were pretty good, like:
    2point4 Children
    'Allo 'Allo!
    Absolutely Fabulous
    Fawlty Towers
    Yes, Prime Minister
    My Family

    But there was also shit like:
    The Fall and Rise of Reginald Perrin
    The Glam Metal Detectives
    Keeping Up Appearances
    Last of the Summer Wine
    Maid Marian and her Merry Men
    One Foot in the Grave
    Open All Hours
    The Vicar of Dibley

    In short, you lot don't have any better of a track record for good programmes than we do.
  3. doswizard

    doswizard "That Which does Not Kill Us makes Us Stronger!"

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    Feb 9, 2018
    Littleton, CO
    Radio is not Music.

  4. Old Dude

    Old Dude I was born at night, but it wasn't last night.

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    Jan 21, 2018
    True, but it is a medium that mostly carries music. That's like saying concert halls aren't music. That's true, yet most concert halls are venues that are mostly used for musical concerts. The launch post of this thread was very, very clear in noting that the thread was about radio stations that mostly broadcast music, and their shortcomings. Depending on the radio market conditions in your location, I'm sure you'll find that most radio stations either broadcast only recorded music and commercials, or a mix of recorded music and commercials, with occasional breaks to carry sports play-by-play. There will also be a few stations that specialize in mostly spoken word programming, either politics/current events or sports, or maybe both. And then there's public radio. Both listeners probably know what the public stations broadcast. Finally, some locations have one or two low-powered AM brokered time "dollar a holler" religious programming stations. Granted, few AM stations still program music, considering how bad AM sounds, that's not surprising.

    Here are the FM and AM stations in Atlanta. Note how many are music stations, especially on the FM band.

    87.7 WTBS Music
    88.5 WRAS GPB news/talk and music
    89.3 WRFG Music
    90.1 WABE NPR news/talk
    91.1 WREK Diversified Georgia Tech
    91.5 WWEV Christian
    91.9 WCLK Music
    92.1 WJGA Music
    92.3 Power 92.3 Music
    92.3 WMOQ-FM Music
    92.5 WEKS Music
    92.9 WZGC The Game: sports talk
    93.3 WVFJ The Joy FM Music
    93.5 WRSM South 93.5, Music
    94.1 WSTR Star 94 Music
    94.5 W233BF Music
    94.9 WUBL Music
    95.5 WSBB news/talk
    96.7 WWLG Music
    97.1 WSRV Music
    97.5 WUMJ Music
    97.7 WSRV-HD2 Music
    97.9 WWWQ-HD3 Music
    98.5 WSB B98.5. Music
    99.3 WCON Music
    99.7 WWWQ Q100 Music
    100.1 WNSY in Jasper. Music
    100.5 WNNX Rock 100.5 RMusic
    100.9 Mas 100.9 Music
    101.1 W266BW (WJZA) Music
    101.5 WKHX Kicks Music
    102.3 WLKQ La Raza – Music
    102.5 WPZE Gospel Music
    102.9 W275BK (WAMJ-HD2) Music
    103.3 WVEE V-103 Music
    103.7 WXKT Music
    104.1 WALR Kiss 104.1 Music
    104.7 WFSH Fish Music
    105.3 WBZY El Patron Music
    105.5 WAFS Music
    105.7 WRDA Music
    106.1 WNGC Music
    106.3 Sports
    106.7 WYAY news/talk
    107.1 WTSH Music
    107.5 WAMJ Majic Music
    107.9 WHTA Music

    AM Radio Stations

    550 WDUN News/talk
    590 WDWD Faith Talk
    610 WPLO La Bonita Spanish
    640 WGST talk radio
    680 WCNN Sports/talk
    750 WSB News/talk
    790 WQXI Radio Korean
    860 WAEC Christian
    890 WJTP Chinese h
    920 WGKA “The Answer” News/talk
    970 WNIV FaithTalk/
    1010 WTZA Vida Spanish Christian
    1040 WPBS Radio Korean
    1080 WFTD Spanish Radio La Ley
    1100 WWWE ESPN Hispanic sports
    1160 WCFO The Quest, Catholic Radio talk
    1190 WAFS Business and financial talk
    1230 WFOM Sports X
    1260 WTJH Asian
    1270 WYXC News/talk
    1330 WGTJ, Glory 1330, Music
    1340 WIFN Sports X
    1380 WAOK News/talk
    1400 WNIV Christian talk
    1410 WKKP Music
    1420 WATB Spanish Music
    1430 WGFS The King Music
    1440 WGMI Asian
    1460 WXEM La Favorita Spanish
    1480 WYZE Gospel Music
    1520 WDCY Gospel Music
    1550 WAZX Spanish/Christian
    1570 WIGO The Light Variety/gospel Music
    1600 WAOS La Mejor Spanish Music

    It's similar in other major cities.
  5. Romulus

    Romulus Senior Member

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    Sep 24, 2015
    Devon, UK
    Now you are being subjective and all boils down to opinion. Funnily enough your above disaproval list are very 'English' programmes so I am not surprised that over in the USA they do not 'translate' very well for the American viewer.
  6. Old Dude

    Old Dude I was born at night, but it wasn't last night.

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    Jan 21, 2018
    You accuse me of being "subjective" after you posted this?

    And how are shows like 'Allo 'Allo!, Absolutely Fabulous, Blackadder, Fawlty Towers, and Yes, Prime Minister not "English"? I'm not speaking for anyone but myself. I find most "English" humor quite entertaining. Hell, I was watching and laughing at the "Carry On" gang when I was a teenager!

    Why not just be honest and admit you're just being a British chauvinist? Your entire set of replies reeks of, "You lot just aren't as good as we are because you're you, and you are not us."
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  7. Romulus

    Romulus Senior Member

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    Sep 24, 2015
    Devon, UK
    Now you seem to sound like you have a chip on your shoulder when you don't need to be like that. Grow up, the are programmes in England which don't do well in the USA and there are programmes in USA which don't do well in UK. Same goes to music and musical acts. However when a commercial begins after the start of the show that is pain where I come from because in the UK we are not use to such intrusions in viewing TV. I would imagine the opposite would apply to kitchen appliances where electrical tin openers etc in USA were used a lot earlier while we in UK (the dark ages) still used manual tin openers. Its all swings and round abouts.:)

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