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Hurdy Gurdy Man
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Dec 30, 2019
Mar 28, 2013
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Hurdy Gurdy Man

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Dec 30, 2019
    1. joker1961
      ok dude, we`ll be friends since I put in my request to you...
    2. crystal20
      It's Great ...
    3. Roxi
      The 60s heyday was before my adult years -- I turned 13 in 1969. It would've been exciting to be part of that scene but, alas, I was too young to have traveled and gone to Woodstock! It would have been really cool to be part of the London Swinging Sixties scene! I've not seen anyone at the Whisky, but would have made a fine groupie. LOL In the 70s I did go to L.A. and to the Rainbow Bar & Grill on Sunset Strip (everyone just called it the Bow) for drinking, dancing and partying. Most of my party heyday was in L.A. and Santa Monica in the 80s, after I moved to San Diego!
    4. rollingstoned
      I asked him and he said he'd never heard of the book before. :P
    5. rollingstoned
      Yeah my parents raised me right. My Dad was an ex-hippie lol, so I grew up listening to the Beatles, Doors, and Stones :D
    6. Soot and Stars
      Soot and Stars
      Just to let you know I've banned the member Sound and Vision as his post were both nothing but a plug for their website. That is what happened to your post. Just wanted to let you know and apologize that I removed a thread you responded too. Peace! :)
    7. Soot and Stars
      Soot and Stars
      Hey HGM, I merged the PapJacques thread with your reply to it in the prexisting Donavan thread that was in the folk section. Here's the link to the merged thread so you can feel free to continue! :) Hey PapaJacques, I merged your thread with the prexisting Donovan thread. It was located in the Folk section which may throw some off. There's some nice prexisting input in there and now you can add some life to it! Here's the link to the merged thread! http://www.classicrockforums.com/forum/f41/donovan-official-thread-15500/
    8. electric funeral
    9. electric funeral
      electric funeral
      I could delete post 420 if that is the one you want deleted?
    10. electric funeral
      electric funeral
      Which post do you want deleted?
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