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Punk rock - for and against

Discussion in 'Punk Rock/Garage Rock/Indie Rock' started by Gibraltar, May 29, 2020.

  1. Gibraltar

    Gibraltar Member

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    May 12, 2020
    Manchester England
    Music writers talk about the punk explosion of the 70s as a reaction against prog rock, glam etc. and a political reaction. I think it was political, not musical. Some talented musicians like Elvis Costello and Sting used the energy of punk to get their music across, but the majority of punk bands had a very short life. Punk certainly didn’t sweep away prog bands like Genesis and Yes, who far outlived them (Genesis became bigger than ever). I think John Lydon was just having a big laugh (he went on to I’m a celebrity and advertising butter). The Sex Pistols take on “My way” is very funny. Overall, punk doesn’t seem to have had much lasting effect.
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  2. Nai Noswad

    Nai Noswad Senior Member

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    Jul 17, 2019
    The lands of Marshall Stack.
    Bollock talk...listen to Some Girls!..Disco and Punk are all over it!
    Punk from '76 - '78 was very enegetic and was a logical next move from PubRock.
    Some punk sounded like where Hawkwind was going. It's lifespan was short...and as the buckmasters moved in- independent labels got swallowed and Costello and Lydon etc.. and Mr.Ant matured (?) and became commercial i suppose. Even though the movement ..which was fashion driven in it's early conception only lasted some 18 months...here we are talking about it in 2020..like surf punk, New Romantic, Drum & Bass, Garage,pysh and all the other genres it provided much to the smögåsbord of music as a whole.
    Peace and pogo..nai x

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