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Batusis - Batusis (2010)

Discussion in 'Album Reviews' started by rtbuck, May 16, 2010.

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    Batusis – ‘Batusis’

    Released: 2010
    Label: Smog Veil Records
    Reviewed by: Bucky
    Song titles: Blues’ Theme/ What You Lack in Brains/ Big Cat Stomp/ Bury You Alive

    Holy Batusis Batman, look what we have here!!!! In an episode from the 1960’s Batman TV show series our cape crusader was captured by King Tut & while being held captive as slaves Batman & a Cleopatra lookalike were ordered to dance by the evil Egyptian King. One of the Kings servants put the needle to the groove on a vinyl record & Batman & Cleopatra put Vincent Vega & Mia Wallace from Pulp Fiction to shame with some amazing dance moves while a jazzed up version of the Batman Theme cranked out of the record player. The dance became known as a “Batusi” which was used in a couple of episodes but today Batusis is also the name of a new band.

    The Batusis whose namesake is taken from the Batman dance is a punked up super group led by Cheetah Chrome of the Dead Boys, Sylvain Sylvain of the NY Dolls, & the rhythm section of Joan Jett & the Blackhearts bassist Enzo Penizzotto & drummer Thommy Price (who also drummed for Scandal & Billy Idol). This is the line-up that played on their brand new EP but recent shows featured the rhythm section of former Cult drummer Lez Warner & Alice Cooper bassist Chuck Garric. The EP kicks off with a cool as hell instrumental titled “Blues’ Time” which begins with a drum beat similar to Joan Jett’s “Light of Day” & the revving of an engine followed by heavy & fuzzy distorted 1960’s guitars. This is one of those tunes that you want to be cruising down a dark lonely highway late at night to. The next song “What You Lack in Brains” starts off with a Blackhearts rhythm crunch which continues throughout the tune. Great guitars during the solo break of this tune & Chrome’s vocals are typical punk vocals but definitely stand out & keep your interest. Another classic Thommy Price drum roll begins another outstanding instrumental titled “Big Cat Stomp” which even has more power & energy than the opening track. “Bury You Alive” closes the EP & is a phenomenal track full of more earsplitting guitars & raw energy. The vocals are dark & reminiscent in the style of Iggy Pop’s “Some Weird Sin” from his ‘Lust for Life’ album. This is a great EP & well worth getting for the price of fewer than four dollars from Itunes. If you want a vinyl copy of it it’s available at: Smog Veil Records - Batusis


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