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    Single Disc Physical Graffiti

    I've never previously attempted to put together a single disc version of Physical Graffiti, but last week I decided to give it an attempt. I then remembered there was a thread on the topic from my early days on this forum so I will post about it here. My main aim was to create a single album...
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    Led Zeppelin song battle 2

    I like both of these Houses of the Holy songs quite a bit, although neither would be in my top three from the album (Over The Hills And Far Away, No Quarter and The Ocean being my favourites). I went for Dancing Days as I really like the guitar riff and find it the more memorable of the two tracks.
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    Favourite song on Lynyrd Skynyrd ''Pronounced...''

    My favourite song from this album is Simple Man. I find it difficult to describe why I love it the most but in it's own right it is a great rock ballad with such a powerful chorus and guitar break and highly resonant lyrics. It's my favourite Lynyrd Skynyrd track overall, not just from this...
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    Favourite song on Lynyrd Skynyrd ''Pronounced...''

    The first Lynyrd Skynyrd album, or Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nerd, to give it its proper title, is one of my all-time favourite albums and in my opinion one of rock's finest debuts. With such a stellar line up of songs, including several classic rock staples, I thought this album would be an...
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    Iconic album battle! Floyd vs. Zeppelin

    I voted for The Dark Side of the Moon - absolutely brilliant from start to finish and one of my two all-time favourite albums alongside Wish You Were Here. I love Led Zeppelin I, which is an excellent debut album and has several of their best songs (Dazed And Confused being a particular...
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    Favourite 1973-77 Lynyrd Skynyrd album?

    I have been meaning to return to this thread for months, I knew I hadn't posted my choice but forgotten that I hadn't voted, which I have now rectified: My favourite Lynyrd Skynyrd album is Pronounced 'Lĕh-'nérd 'Skin-'nerd. The band really flew out of the blocks with that record and it's...
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    Best Song On Neil Young's "After The Gold Rush"

    This is a classic album (one of my top three Neil Young albums) and there are plenty of excellent songs to choose from. I ultimately voted for Tell Me Why, which I love for its beautiful melody and lyrics, particularly the wonderful chorus ('ain't it hard to make arrangements with yourself, when...
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    Dire Straits (Official Thread)

    I totally agree, and I think the understated production gives the first album a timeless quality, with the understated production allowing the performances and songs to shine. I'm especially fond of side two of the album, not just because of Sultans of Swing, as In The Gallery also has some of...
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    Best song on Rush "Moving Pictures"

    I think this is a brilliant album (I think side one is among the best opening sides on any rock album) and there are several very strong contenders here, but I ultimately went for Tom Sawyer. Probably the obvious choice, but I consider it a sonic masterpiece - it seems astonishing that just...
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    Led Zeppelin IV song battle #2

    I really love both of these songs, and together they make a perfect one-two punch to open the album. I voted for Black Dog as I love the call-and-response structure, which gives the track a very distinctive feel, and the final solo is one of my favourite by Jimmy Page (I think John Paul Jones...
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    Led Zeppelin IV song battle #2

    Inspired by the recent Stairway To Heaven vs When The Levee Breaks poll on this forum, which of these opening two songs from Led Zeppelin IV do you prefer? Black Dog vs Rock And Roll
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    Led Zeppelin IV song battle!

    Two brilliant songs from an all-time classic album, but I love When The Levee Breaks just a little bit more. All four band members put in great performances to make it the perfect closing track for the album and my favourite of Zeppelin's heavy blues tracks, probably my overall favourite song by...
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    Rush song battle!

    I went for Jacob's Ladder - I love the powerful middle section and how well the music fits with the lyrical concept. I like Entre Nous as well, but I think Jacob's Ladder is the more impressive of the two songs.
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    Pink Floyd album battle!

    I love both albums, but I'll jump on the bandwagon and vote for The Dark Side Of The Moon. For what it's worth, I completely agree with this assessment - these are my top three favourite Pink Floyd albums as in my opinion they represent the band at their absolute zenith. All three are...
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    Deep Purple song battle! Machine Head edition

    Machine Head is definitely one of my all-time favourite albums and I love both songs, but my vote has to go to Highway Star, which I've always considered to be the album's best track. The song's relentless energy and outstanding organ and guitar solos make it a stone cold classic and a thrilling...

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