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Jonny Come Lately
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Jun 16, 2020
Feb 19, 2014
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Jonny Come Lately

The New Kid In Town, Male, from England

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Jun 16, 2020
    1. JimJam
      Young did an electric Gold Rush? It sounds great electric as an alternative to the solo piano.

      Yeah, Live Rust was taken from the tour i attended. When it came out it felt as a concession to the marketplace, a live album to capitalize on a popular album and tour. But it's a fine album and serves as a worthy souvenir. Besides, after his dark period in the middle of the decade, he earned his way back to the mainstream on his own terms, first with Comes a Time and then Rust.

      Do you have any other concerts planned?

      A couple of other things i remember from the concert. A pretty girl who was stoned out of her mind helped herself to half of my seat. She was way too zonked to notice me or anything else and i worried she would vomit on me, but otherwise i did not mind. :D Also, after the concert, not exactly being sober ourselves, we could not find the car and wandered around the parking lot like knuckleheads until it was near empty. Then, a miracle, there's the car! :gig
    2. JimJam
      Great first concert! The setlist is a damn good one. Were you disappointed he did not play Cortez? I love those two from Zuma, especially Barstool Blues. It's typical that he'd mix the popular ones with lesser known. Heart of Gold for many years was not performed.

      I included the setlist from my show. At that time, Comes a Time was his current album. Rust Never Sleeps came out in 1979. But notice the number of Rust songs in the list. He was already looking ahead and away from his current album. He did a great solo acoustic set, then Crazy Horse joined him. This was a 15,000 set hall, we were about 20th row in the orchestra. The volume peaked with the final two numbers. i could feel my neck veins pulsating! Needless to say, i loved every second. :)

      Neil Young Concert Setlist at Nassau Veterans Memorial Coliseum, Uniondale on September 29, 1978 | setlist.fm
    3. JimJam
      I see you attended a Neil Young concert. Awesome! I've only seen him once, way back in 1978 with Crazy Horse and i loved it. Also, one of the loudest concerts i've ever attended, and that's saying something. :)
    4. CurtRHCP
      Hi Johnny, I saw you post some videos of Neil Young in concert in Liverpool,
      I just wanted to talk a little bit about the victory of LFC against Wimbledon in FA Cup :D
      I do support LFC.
      They struggle to win, but it's not (since this last decade) a really strong LFC... Unfortunately...
    5. Musikwala
      Hi Jonny! I have been in an early psychedelic Floyd kind of mood lately. :D I bought the Zabriskie Point soundtrack recently and that is what triggered it I think. Been listening to Saucerful, More, Ummagumma and Zabriskie Pt lately. I really enjoyed listening to More in particular. It sounded better than I remembered. Saucerful has wonderful artwork so I decided to go with that one for avatar and sig. But who knows, Bono and U2 might return someday.... whenever they get a bloody new album out and become relevant again! :D
    6. CP/M User
      CP/M User
      Glad to help. :D
    7. CP/M User
      CP/M User
      Ah yes I wondered as much, it's been a while since I've played my Dire Straits and their debut album gets a little neglected even though it's a decent album.

      Sorry I didn't see your reply till now, you're signature reminded me :)
      Normally to reply to these Visitor Messages you can click on View Conversation and reply in the Message box, that way the message goes back to the other poster. :)
    8. Jonny Come Lately
      Jonny Come Lately
      Hi CP/M User,

      The lyric is taken from the song 'In The Gallery', which can be found on their self-titled debut album.

      This line has always brought a smile to my face because the song describes how the skilful sculptor Harry can't get any recognition for his works, whereas another artist gets a lot of credit for doing nothing.

    9. CP/M User
      CP/M User
      Just wondering which Dire Straits song this line came from -> 'Then you get an artist, who says he doesn't want to paint at all. He takes an empty canvas, and sticks it on the wall'
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    Harmlessly passing your time in the grassland away... Only dimly aware of a certain unease in the air...

    'Come on you target for faraway laughter, come on you stranger you legend you martyr and shine!'
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