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Groovy Man
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Dec 8, 2014
Jan 18, 2010
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Long Island, N.Y.

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Groovy Man

I'm Not Like Everybody Else, from Long Island, N.Y.

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Dec 8, 2014
    1. joker1961
      Hi Dude how`s it hanging for you...like your grateful dead logo which show is your favourite...
    2. eberg15101
      I have break coming up, so you'll probably see a bit of me for a couple of weeks:)

      and yeah, I get a chance to sit back and jam every so often, not as much as I want, but it's good to put some tunes on and play along:grinthumb
    3. captain ron
      captain ron
      hey i stopped by for a visit. catch you next time.
    4. JerseyGirl
    5. Garrett
      I enjoy the Polls.....Thanks! Yeah, gotta go with The Dead! I listen to a lot of different music but two bands more than most....The Grateful Dead and The Allman Brothers! :grinthumb

      Have a great weekend! :cheers2
    6. Tray73
      Thanks Groovy that's really good of you but between you and me I did manage to get a free download :)

      I'll have a look for Lost Dreams, it may have to go on my list of CD's to buy!

    7. Hydrazoic Acid
    8. Tray73
      Hey Groovy! I downloaded that track by The Electric Prunes you posted in one of your polls - I really do dig it :grinthumb I'll have to check out some more of their songs :)
    9. Hydrazoic Acid
      Hydrazoic Acid
      Good day, Groovy Man! In Russia there's no rock radio, that could broadcasting to the whole country. In different cities is a rock radio stations, transmitting music only at their cities. Nation-wide radio - solid pop, rap, club music and others shit in the same spirit. Rock in Russia - in the underground, it doesn't transmits on public radio and television. Well, with stores branded disks there's no problem, only piracy developed very strong, due to the fact, that the price of CD's is extremely overestimated by unscrupulous tycoons in this business.[IMG]
    10. eberg15101
      Thanks for the kind words, Groovy:grinthumb

      I'll see what I can do to get on and post a little more often:heheh:
      and my stereo's a little bit incapacitated at the moment, I think my receiver was fried somehow.. As soon as I get that up and in working order again, the vinyl will start flowing when I have money:)
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    Long Island, N.Y.
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