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Third solo album from Billy Gibbons out June 4th!

Discussion in 'Music News' started by Sharp Dressed Man, Mar 26, 2021.

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    Hardware, the third solo album from ZZ Top front man Billy Gibbons, has wrapped recording and post-production and is set for release June 4th by Concord Records. The album was recorded at Escape Studio in California’s high desert, near Palm Springs, and was produced by Gibbons along with Matt Sorum and Mike Fiorentino with engineer Chad Shlosser providing additional production. The album’s release is preceded by the release of the single “West Coast Junkie”.

    In contrast to The Big Bad Blues and Perfectamundo, Gibbons’ debut solo album, almost all of the Hardware repertoire is original and rock-oriented with eleven of the album’s twelve songs written by Gibbons

    'Hardware' tracklist:

    Side A

    1. My Lucky Card
    2. She’s On Fire
    3. More-More-More
    4. Shuffle, Step & Slide
    5. Vagabond Man
    6. Spanish Fly

    Side B

    7. West Coast Junkie
    8. Stackin’ Bones feat. Larkin Poe
    9. I Was A Highway
    10. S-G-L-M-B-B-R
    11. Hey Baby, Que Paso
    12. Desert High


    As per usual, there's a ton of pre-order bundles available at https://billygibbons.com/
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