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Do you consider "Some Girls" on equal merits with "Beggars Banquet", "Let I

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Jul 9, 2010
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I've always thought "Some Girls" was more punkish in some sense. It was more modern in a way while not coming off over-produced and layered. The Richards song is a really good one as he sings it in a drowsy, laid back tone.

I agree that some of the tracks had a punk edge to them. I didn't mention that as I didn't feel like posting a in-depth review for various reasons. Your use of "urban" in your earlier post is excellent on a musical level but also for me, on a imagery level as well. When I listen to this album, then and now, I picture NYC on a hot muggy evening in the dog days of August.

I agree, ''Disco Sucks'', and that's for another thread. But please don't put The Rolling Stones on the same level as The Bee Gees - not even for a second.

''Miss You'', if anything, is a light disco song - nothing comapared to ******** disco of that time, or the flakey The Bee Gees.

I'd even go as far as saying ''Miss You'' was more of a pop song, than a dico song -- it didn't have that heavy annoying disco beat.


I can't fulfil your request Groovy as I will put any artist/track on any level I want. I appreciate your civil manner in asking me the question.:grinthumb


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Jan 18, 2006
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:heheh: All I know is I had the album when it first came out.. Then the big lawsuit about them using pictures without permission. I ended up searching for a original copy and found one in great condition. Funny I just played that album this afternoon..
It came out when Queens Another One Bites The Dust .. So ya.. It wasn't punkish but more Danceish..

Nai Noswad

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Jul 17, 2019
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The lands of Marshall Stack.
In my opinion with the nostalgic passing of time, Some Girls can quite fairly rub shoulders with other Stones offerings.
After the Toronto bust and easing himself off the junk and away from Anita..'Mr.Unhealth' really got his **** together. America did a great thing in taking Keith in and helping him- something his native England had failed to do. Since Redlands and the planting of gear on makes me puke to see London and the shiseters licking Keith's **** after what the press and cops did to him from say, 1967 - 1971.
That aside..Keith was refreshed and cracked the whip...long recording all- night sessions took place in France at the Pathè Marconi Studios. With renewed vigour, enough stuff was taped that overspills from these Some Girls sessions filtered onto Emotional Rescue and Tattoo You..this was nothing new as No Use In Crying goes back to Goats Head from '73.
This studio was kinda out the way and they were left virtually unmolested to rekindle what hadn't taken place since Munich for Black And Blue. Ian McLagen and Mel Collins assisted and one time subway busker Sugar Blue plays harp on MissYou. I own about 5 copies of Some Girls and numerous bootlegs and singles associated with it. I was 19 when it came out...Disco and Punk ruled the waves...but hey...this LP stuck out it's elbows and shoved it's way in between them!
It's a shame Claudine and Everything's Turning To Gold didn't make the final cut.
As for the aggro over the HasBeens on the cover..folk like that would chop off their right arm to feature on a Glimmer Twins album jacket today...and a slice of controversy sells records.
Mick's nights at the 54 and Keith holed up in the Harbour Castle Hotel..did'nt go wasted - providing inspiration for ..dare i say it...a badly needed shot in the arm to the music industry.
Some faves..from Zuma Beach and beyond.




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Nov 13, 2009
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I do think Some Girls is on par with Beggar's Banquet, as I love the same number of songs on each album, and the balance of the rest of the material on both albums are also on par.

That's a good write-up, Nai. I always liked the material that was played on the radio from this album, but (for a few reasons) I never could listen to the album all the way through. Then when I re-sequenced the tracks to my liking a few year ago, the album has a completely different dynamic. Improved at the very least, imo, if not better than the original. (I added 30 seconds of dead air between tracks 5 and 6 to simulate the time it would take you to turn a vinyl record over. :D )

Side 1
Miss You
Beast of Burden
Just My Imagination (Runing Away With Me)
Far Away Eyes

Total Time: 21.07

Side 2
Some Girls
Before They Make Me Run
When The Whip Comes Down

Total Time: 18.44
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