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Arthurmov 3017 - prog rock & science fiction!

Discussion in 'Musician's Corner' started by gusbernard, Feb 17, 2017.

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    Feb 17, 2017
    Rendezvous with Rama is one of the greatest science fiction stories of all time, written by one of the greatest science fiction writers of all time, Arthur C. Clarke.

    Rama is a massive cylindrical-shaped spaceship built by an ancient alien civilization that approaches earth in order to fulfill its scientific mission: to become a new home for a select few extraordinary humans in an intergalactic voyage towards the unknown.

    That's where our journey begins. It is a journey in the form a musical poem dedicated to Arthur C. Clarke and also dedicated to many the greatest progressive rock bands of the 70s: Yes, Emerson Lake & Palmer, Rush, Deep Purple, Frank Zappa, Pink Floyd to name just a few.

    Now sit back and enjoy a trip into a future that has been long forgotten, but is now about to become real again... in your imagination.

    Music Written, Recorded and Performed by Gus Bernard, BMI, 2017.

    0:01 - Introduction By Arthur C. Clarke
    0:25 - Take Off
    3:05 - Ramans do Everything in Threes
    6:55 - The Cylindrical Sea
    9:24 - Three Flowers
    12:00 - Biots!
    15:15 - Good Bye

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