1. CurtRHCP

    Down The Mountain (2023)

    Hello guys! I hope you're all on fire :nana: Here's my second album, called "Down The Mountain" and released on this beautiful Thursday the 5th of January MOTHERFU... Ah sorry I'm just too excited :bash: Here's the bandcamp link: Have...
  2. Diamond Reo

    What other Scorpions albums would you recommend?

    Last night, I dug out my copy of Scorpions' Blackout and listened to it again, and it was just as good as - if not better than - the first time I listened to it. Now, I'm thinking of getting another Scorpions album, but I'm not sure which one(s) to get. Which would you recommend?
  3. Diamond Reo

    Which of these three Saxon albums should I get on vinyl?

    I love Saxon; they're #4 on my favorite metal bands list. Having owned and listened to at least one copy of Wheels of Steel, Strong Arm of the Law and Denim and Leather, I was talking to a guy who sold me a CD copy of the first one, and he suggested that I go for an original vinyl pressing...
  4. Diamond Reo

    I love Foghat's "Fool For the City" album, which other one(s) should I get?

    A year or two ago, I bought Foghat's 1975 album Fool For the City. It was a solid album (barring "Take It or Leave It"), and I'm considering buying another album by them because they rock. Which other album(s) would you recommend?
  5. Diamond Reo

    Are the early Albert Productions CDs of Bon Scott-era AC/DC albums supposed to be that expensive?

    OK, I'm not an expert on classic rock CD reissues, but I've been going on Discogs and finding that early Albert Productions CD reissues of various Bon Scott-era AC/DC albums are REALLY expensive - well above $50. Are they supposed to be that expensive?
  6. Diamond Reo

    Trying to decide on a Joe Walsh album for my collection

    I haven't heard all of Joe Walsh's material, but I've heard stuff he did with the James Gang, the Eagles and on his own, and I really liked what I heard, so I'm thinking of getting one of his albums. I've narrowed it down to The Smoker You Drink, The Player You Get and But Seriously, Folks...
  7. CurtRHCP


    Hi guys! I've been busy this last year between jobs/music/private life... Today I'm happy to present you my official music video for "The Same Old Way", my album will be released soon in 2020 :) Website: Facebook:

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