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    Favorite Songs by The Alan Parsons Project

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    Bands that suck at performing live

    Probably not the worst, but I've seen Fleetwood Mac twice and they sucked both times. Sounded bad and ran through the show with absolutely no energy. The 2nd time I saw them, they only played for about 45 minutes and were done. This was in the late 90's.
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    Just watched it last night. Eh. Started off good and all, but the ending was horrendous. I wouldn't pay money to watch it. The only redeeming quality I can think of the movie had was the work the kid put in to his instrument. I'm a drummer and have had my hands bleed a few times, but that...
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    Best Lead Singer

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    Best Lead Singer

    Ann Wilson /thread
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    What are the greatest George Harrison songs?

    1. His Name Is Legs (Ladies And Gentlemen) 2. When We Was Fab 3. Wah Wah 4. Wake Up My Love 5. Any Road 6. Awaiting On You All 7. Blow Away 8. Drilling A Home 9. Dark Horse 10. What Is Life
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    Classic rock ringtones?

    'Subdivisions' by Rush 'My Wife' by the Who plays when,,,,,,,my wife calls.
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    Album Wars

    I love the Stones, but would also pick the Beatles in every category.
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    Best Segue

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    Am I the only one likes Pet Sounds more than Peppers?

    Revolver is the best Beatles album in my opinion. I love Pet Sounds, but would take Peppers everytime.
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    25 greatest bands of the 60s and 70s

    1. Beatles 2. Pretty Things 3. Kinks 4. Zombies 5. Buckinghams 6. Rolling Stones 7. Led Zeppelin 8. The Who 9. Moody Blues 10. Love 11. Paul Revere and the Raiders 12. Beach Boys 13. Kansas 14. Elton John 15. Turtles 16. Chicago 18. Simon and Garfunkel 19. Byrds 20. Traffic...
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    Classic Rock Radio Overplayed songs.

    I voted 'Money' from Floyd. If its not that one it'll damn sure be 'Wish You Were Here'. Its a channel changer for sure.
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    The Most Beatle-Sound-Alike Band In Rock'n Roll History

    A buddy of mine swore for years that this song was from the Beatles. IX9SJNHz9hM
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    Top 20 Led Zeppelin Songs

    Tangerine Sick Again Ozone Baby Out On The Tiles How Many More Times Night Flight Celebration Day Carouselambra What Is And What Should Never Be The Rover Wanton Song Bring It On Home Over The Hills And Far Away Custard Pie In The Evening Dancing Days Down By The Seaside Your...
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    The Most Beatle-Sound-Alike Band In Rock'n Roll History

    The Knickerbockers easily. 1n03a7cLf0M Here's my favorite from them. GjLi9XS6QLQ Another good one. AdkwYUIKqXw

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