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Mar 2, 2020
Mar 10, 2010
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Mar 2, 2020
    1. electric funeral
      electric funeral
      Have a great 2011 with loads of good music. :grinthumb
    2. Groovy Man
      Groovy Man
      Hey TLF, good to see ya around...I hope you had a Merry one, and hope all is well.

    3. ThinLizzyFan
      awwww Thanks Flower.. how are you??
    4. Flower
      Welcome back and stay awhile .. Love your Jukebox thread .. It's one of the best ones ever ... :)
    5. LG
      Hello TLF, I wish you the same...and LG is fine.
    6. LG
      When you use this message feature, you click on my name go to my profile and post the message there, that way I get a notification, if you post in your own page someone will have to look to see if you answered them. Just so you know for future reference.
    7. ThinLizzyFan
      Lord Grendel..
      It is all fine my friend..I enjoy the banter as politics in the USA has been a very passionate subject.. What you said is absolutly fine and you my friend are welcome to your opinions and views..
      I really like it here on this site.. very much and look forward to lots of FUN and MUSIC, and look to have lots of laughs and good times..
      I enjoy your posts very much!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    8. LG
      Just letting you know I meant nothing personal in the political thread, those always generate a passionate response. I don't usually get involved in them but we have to keep an eye on things to make sure they don't get too heated. If I said anything you found over the line, then I sincerely apologize, you are entitled to your opinion the same as anyone else.

      Hope you still visit the music threads though, I enjoy your posts in them.:grinthumb
    9. ThinLizzyFan
      Thanks Sox..I hope you are having a great birthday!!
    10. Sox
      Hi great taste in music my friend Thin Lizzy top notch band. :grinthumb
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