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    What's Your Favorite Whitesnake song?

    Judgement Day
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    Judas Priest (Official Thread)

    amazing band
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    "Bulletproof" -Queensryche

    No Tate = No queensryche.. period
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    Aerosmith Announce First ‘Farewell’? Tour Dates

    They are true Icons.. I have seen them many times since 1978.. I suggest getting any ticket to any show they do ..period.
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    Boston: "Walk On" -- I dismissed it at first...

    I loved and saw Boston in 1978 or so.. I will check it out
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    Saxon (Official Thread)

    great band ..I saw them a few times during denim and leather.and Strong Arm tour time..
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    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    Long Live the Great Phil Lynott!
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    The BEATLES (Official Thread)

    happy birthday to Sir Paul
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    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    Greatest band in Rock history!!! great shots Moore 82
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    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    THIN LIZZY IS THE BEST! I recommend the "Still Dangerous" release from Philly that was put out 2 years ago.. its amazing
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    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

    LG is Wise...:bow:
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    Thin Lizzy (Official Thread)

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    New Queensryche (Geoff Tate) album "Frequency Unknown"

    anybody hear the samples of Frequency Unknown?...I really like it.. its pretty heavy and modern...look at the list of musicians on it.. holy cow.. its on Itunes
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    New Queensryche (Geoff Tate) album "Frequency Unknown"

    With tate..same venue...Tates voice is still strong and majestic Queensryche Live in Nashville - November 2011 - YouTube

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