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    Genesis Reuniting for First Tour in 13 Years

    I'm looking forward to giving it a miss. Having seen them in their prime and at the "Six of the Best" gig (which turned out to be seven for the encore), I don't want to spoil my memories. Steve Hackett (and his amazing band) does a much better job of representing pre-1977 Genesis and...
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    DEEP PURPLE To Release New Album, 'Whoosh!', In June

    Well I heard "Throw My Bones" last night and was happily impressed. Carrying on in the vein of the last two albums, from the sound of that song. Gillan in good voice and Morse high in the mix. Looking forward to the album (as if I ever don't look forward to a new Deep Purple album!).
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    Best Led Zeppelin Album?

    "Houses Of The Holy" and "Physical Grafitti" for me. Although I do retain a soft spot for "In Through The Out Door" - but I suspect that that is because it was around the time of the Knebworth gigs, which was the only time that (due to age) I got to see Zeppelin.
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    London Calling At 40.

    It's funny. I loved early Clash -"White Man (In Hammersmith Palais)" remains one of my favourite singles of that era, as does "Tommy Gun". However, by the time of "London Calling" I'd lost all affection for the band and by "Sandinista!" I was well over them. I like "The Guns of Brixton" and...
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    This 'n' That.

    Fantastic. Ta! I was at the Poly at the time. Where we lived was directly opposite De Montfort, across Victoria Park. Upstairs flat with a balcony, which we could sit out on and sometimes listen to the bands playing at De Montfort.
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    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    Being a long-time Mott The Hoople fan, I bought both of the Mott albums when they came out. "Drive On" was ok but a bit over-produced. I preferred the second album, "Shouting and Pointing", it was a bit heavier and less polished. "Storm" and their cover of the Easybeats "Good Times" were the...
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    Recommend Something New

    William The Conqueror ( Stumbled on them in 2018, mid-set. Had no idea who I was watching and got totally hooked. Hung around and saw them a second time, playing a late night set in the bar tent.
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    This 'n' That.

    I've seen Roy in a few interesting places over the years. Probably the best was in 1983, at Leicester Priory Folk Club. It was a tiny, tiny little venue. Despite extensive searching online, I've still never managed to date that gig!
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    Steve Hackett (Official Thread)

    Am very much looking forward to touching base with Steve again next month, as he tours "Spectral Mornings" and "Selling England By The Pound".
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    This 'n' That.

    I saw Roy in March, for the first time in about twenty years and it was great to hear 'Cricketer' as the encore. 'HQ' and 'Bullinamingvase' were two of my favourite albums in the 70s.
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    Whitesnake (Official Thread)

    Like many old farts, for me Whitesnake ceased to be of interest once the Micky Moody-Bernie Marsden-Neil Murray line-up ceased to be - although I did enjoy 1987. I did see Bernie Marsden, not so long ago, performing a lot of the Whitesnake set from his days in the band, with Robert Hart on...
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    Pink Floyd - Favorite Song?

    Very tempted to agree with SanguineRemedy. So, just to be different, I'll go with One Of These Days.
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    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    I'd have to nominate the amazing Lone Star ( The original line-up supported the newly-abbreviated Mott for a BBC Radio 1 In Concert session, which was absolutely epic - and which is (apparently) now available on CD. Note to self: must get it!
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    The Move (Official Thread)

    Certainly was. I have a copy of it, on Harvest.
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    Deep Purple (Official Thread)

    I'm a big fan of WDWTWA but I think that, at the time, we all thought that it suffered a bit from being so similar, structurally, to "Machine Head" - 4 tracks on side 1, 3 on side 2, the second of which was an extended blues workout etc. It drew unfair comparison between the two albums as a...

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