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Jun 19, 2018 at 7:33 AM
Jan 5, 2010
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September 12
The Land of Sky Blue Waters

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Rockin' Out, from The Land of Sky Blue Waters

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Viewing forum list, Jun 19, 2018 at 7:33 AM
    1. Cadleson
    2. Sunny
      Crikey! Is that really you back here Lynch? Not on much myself these days but just thought I'd say a quick Hello.
    3. Howie Felterbush
      Howie Felterbush
      No guarantees this year from me. Just when you think you have a team figured out, you don't.
    4. Howie Felterbush
      Howie Felterbush
      Oh yeah, I was home to watch the Pack destroy the Bears and the Vikings. Good times.
    5. Howie Felterbush
      Howie Felterbush
      I'm currently in Kuwait. Planning to be here until June to get the tax free. May possibly moving to Texas when I get back and work for big oil. That ought to be interesting.
    6. Radagast
      I posted my BS&T where I did on purpose. They were a 60's group not 70's . I don't need to be told how to use the search either, I knew where the incorrectly placed "Official" thread was before I posted. It was the purpose for the post. D'OH !
    7. Howie Felterbush
      Howie Felterbush
      Everything is good. Going on vacation in 3 weeks. Spend some quality time with the wife. Just gotta find a decent job back home. Sick of this shit over here.
    8. Slip'nn2Darkness
      Guess why I came on this morning.. Ah shit.. you were just here. Well off to the Gene thread!! :oyea:
    9. Slip'nn2Darkness
      Well.. I was just testing the waters to see if it was worth changing my song and .. ahem... hanging out in here again.. so far..[IMG][/URL][/IMG]

      But.. at least there is you and some old brothers and sisters who I know.. know how to rock..
      The farm rocks brother.. It's like a new world to me.. you get used to buying shit at the store and forget that you can actually grow all the same stuff.
      And it taste great for a change..
      If you sold off your gear and have nothing left, you'll need to find the youngest hair band girl still alive and hand her the whip.. other than that.. your a man without his toys..:gig I almost considered selling my 86 strat today.. I regained my thinking.. NEVER!! Peace man.. Stay rockin..
    10. rocknrollpestcontroll
      lol I like your new profile picture:oyea:
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    September 12
    The Land of Sky Blue Waters
    Just a guy, lost in the 80's, trying to find my mullet

    [Indoors: Music and Movies] [Outdoors: Fishing and hunting]



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