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Nov 4, 2015
Apr 8, 2015
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Senior Member, from California

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Nov 4, 2015
    1. KingHeadache
      Me . 10 years before :rolleyes:
    2. JerseyGirl
      Where have you been?!!!
    3. JimJam
      Same to you, zengac! Have a great one! :)
    4. zengac
      Have an awesome weekend Jim! :cheers2
    5. Vader
      lol ... it's cool ... just a bump to remind you to up a word for the next player. I'm not getting mad or anything. :D
    6. Vader
      Yeah, I love Zappa. My favorite is probably One Size Fits all but I really like most of his stuff that I've had heard. Absolutely Free is great.
    7. Jonny Come Lately
      Jonny Come Lately
      I really like those two Zuma tracks as well, Cortez is one of my favourites although I wasn't disappointed by its exclusion - with a back catalogue like Neil's he must think fairly highly of anything he does play. I agree the setlist was great, picking a favourite was tricky but I thought Rockin' In The Free World sounded absolutely great live.

      I must admit I was actually rather surprised that he did play Heart Of Gold (it's not on Live Rust or Unplugged, for instance). It was one of two songs he played solo - the other was Blowin' In The Wind - all of the others were with Crazy Horse.

      On looking at your setlist, I was immediately struck by its resemblance to the Live Rust tracklist. The order is much the same but there are a few tracks which didn't make the cut like Thrasher and Welfare Mothers, I guess due to time constraints on vinyl. I knew he'd played the Rust songs before the album was released so it's cool that you saw so much of it (Rust is my favourite album of his).
    8. Jonny Come Lately
      Jonny Come Lately
      Yes, it was great! Glad you enjoyed your concert too. I certainly know what you mean about it being loud, when Neil started playing his Gibson Les Paul 'Old Black' at the start it was one of the loudest things I've ever heard (although it was my first rock gig).

      When you went did he play any of the then new songs from Rust Never Sleeps? He didn't play anything from it from my show but I think he rotates his songs a fair bit (I read a newspaper report from a London concert he played around the same time last summer which mentioned that he played Powderfinger and Cinnamon Girl, which he didn't at mine). The albums he played the most songs from were Ragged Glory (3) and Zuma (2, although surprisingly not Cortez The Killer).

      In any case here was the exact setlist from the concert:

      Neil Young Concert Setlist at Echo Arena, Liverpool on July 13, 2014 | setlist.fm
    9. JimJam
      No nag! A banshee must do her job and her job is wailing - with pride and gusto, preferably. Otherwise you'll be tossed out of the banshee's union. Instead of Maybelline, you'll be singin' Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen. :gig
    10. ~Banshee~
      I doubt it, you seem too "chatty"....oh dear you make me sound like a right nag...:gig
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    Grew up in NYC, moved to CA in the '90s

    reading, biking, hiking & camping, wasting time on the Internet


    Rock stars: Is there anything they don't know?
    - Homer Simpson

    It's hard to say the meaning of this song.
    - Neil Young, "Ambulance Blues"
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