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    Best artists to start into the blues?

    Phenomenal Monk/Trane album! I jumped for joy when the recordings were discovered and released.
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    The song stuck in your head thread!

    BTO - Roll On Down the Highway
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    Bruce Springsteen (Official Thread)

    Those magazine cover stories were an albatross around Springsteen's neck for a long time. I recall he incorporated them into the lyrics of Rosalita during his concerts at the time. I also remember my father had a Time subscription at the time and he wondered who that guy was and why on earth he...
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    Tales From Topographic Oceans vs. Relayer

    Relayer is very fine but I chose Tales, strictly for The Revealing Science of God and Ritual.
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    Best album of 1968

    Astral Weeks - Van Morrison With highly honorable mention to the usual suspects: Stones, Beatles, Hendrix, Velvet Underground. Miles Davis recorded a great album, Nefertitti, among his final all-acoustic albums before going electric.
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    What's your shuffle

    Covering the last couple of days: Sea of Joy - Blind Faith In the Court of the Crimson King - King Crimson Psychotic Reaction - Count Five Here Comes the Summer - The Undertones No Side To Fall In - The Raincoats Out of Doors - Bela Bartok Night Time - The Strangeloves Madame George - Van...
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    Halloween videos etc.

    ^^^ That's quite a horn section. But none of them can compare with the old cartoon monsters! :D
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    Ten Album Covers

    7. Jimmy Smith - Plain Talk
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    Three Dog Night’s Cory Wells Dies at 74

    These guys were consistently fine in the '70s, racked up a bunch of memorable pop hits and did well by AM radio. Those songs still sound damn good.
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    Halloween videos etc.

    I was glad to see Alice and Welcome to My Nightmare on the previous page. Can't resist The Monster Mash. Nostalgia. AxcM3nCsglA
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    Ten Album Covers

    2. Peggy Lee - Black Coffee With...
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    The song stuck in your head thread!

    Every Little Thing - The Beatles
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    Battle of 1972

    All The Young Dudes and Easy Livin'. I almost chose Lean On Me, a sentimental favorite.
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    The Battle of 1971

    I chose Stairway to Heaven, Baba O'Riley and Hocus Pocus. The first two of those are overplayed but they somehow remain fresh. If i had more choices i may have picked Eighteen, Roundabout, Wild Night or Me & Bobby McGee.
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    Ian Gillan VS. The Rock And Roll Hall of Fame

    This is almost too ridiculous. Like dismissing Zeppelin as one hit wonders for Whole Lotta Love. Shows the mentality of the HOF.

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