Third Eye Blind Appreciation Thread


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Oct 20, 2009
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Third Eye Blind is one of the best bands of the 90's. Yes they have continued on with releases and tours in the 2000's but, have never come close topping their 6 million copies sold, (1997) self-titled debut album and the songs that came from it.

Stephen Jenkins, singer/co songwriter/rhythm guitarist and Kevin Cagodan Lead guitarist/co-songwriter helped write one of the best and most successful albums of the 90's. The album had 5 hit singles including Semi-Charmed kinda Life, Jumper, Graduate, Hows it Going to Be, and Losing a Whole Year. How many bands can say they have 5 hit singles from a debut album?

Third Eye Blind is one of the most misrepresented bands and simply doesn't get their deserved props in my opinion.

1) Semi-Charmed Kinda Life is one of the most misunderstood songs ever much like The Police's "I'll Be Watching You." Most people who listen to the song hear only a pop song with a really catchy melody. However hidden under the catchy melody is song about a man who dies from a crystal meth overdose while having sex. The band's biggest hit which was high as #4 on the Billboard singles list.
2) Jumper is a song about a friend of Jenkins who was gay and committed suicide. The ghost of the friend comes back to help other troubled people not commit suicide. Many people take it is a song about someone alive trying to talk someone of the ledge. Which is fine because I am sure many people who have been on the ledge have felt comfort in this song which is what is so great about the power of music.

These songs aren't exactly your average pop song themes right?

Unfortunately the mass majority unfairly seems to view Third Eye Blind as a pop band. Which is false.

These guys were a huge influence on my songwriting style. I learned from them that you can blend pop melodies with complex chord/song structures. That they didn't necessarily need to be segregated. I also learned that I could mask dark lyrical content under up beat/poppy melodies.

One of my favorite Third Eye Blind songs which was also off their debut album. If released as a single I am positive it would have been a hit as well.

One of the best break up songs


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Sep 23, 2009
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I actually have a Third Eye Blind Thread I started a couple years back but I have no problem with a reboot! Stephen Jenkins and crew are great songwriters for their genre and awesome live as well! They still have an avid fanbase that eats out of the palm of their hand when they sing. My highlight by the band is one of the most beautiful dark songs in pop ever:

Slow Motion

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