The Beatles vs Led Zeppelin

The Beatles VS Led Zeppelin

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Sep 18, 2016
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I have read all of the brand new almost all 5 star reviews of the new remastered best seller,The Beatles Live At The Hollywood Bowl and many people are saying what I and other fans have said elsewhere,that given how limited and primitive sound systems of the time were,and they had no feedback monitors so they couldn't even hear themselves singing and playing,they played and sounded amazingly good! I heard the small samples on,and what struck me is how typically great and prominent Paul's bass playing is,someone said he's playing it like a lead instrument.Also an reviewer said how underrated John's rhythm guitar playing is and what a had rocking band they really were.

Here on Paul quite a few members are saying that it's amazing and incredible that The Beatles played so great and sang so great with such primitive sound systems at the time and no feedback monitors so they couldn't even hear themselves singing and playing.One member said they were without a doubt the greatest live rock band ever! :: View topic - The Beatles Live at the Hollywood Bowl (Releasing 9.9.16)

Many are saying the same things on this music forum

Beatles "Live at the Hollywood Bowl" out on CD 9/9/16, Vinyl on 11/18/16 * | Page 141 | Steve Hoffman Music Forums

I just found only part of this review from The London Times,you have to have a subscription to read the whole article though,and it says in the first part of it,that it's remarkable they played as well as they did given that they couldn't hear a thing.

Pop: The Beatles: Live at the Hollywood Bowl | Times2 | The Times & The Sunday Times

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