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Jan 27, 2018
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MonaLisa Twins just released a new album, MonaLisa Twins Live at the Cavern Club, where they feature many of their classic 60's cover songs as well as some of their original songs in a 2 CD set of 28 songs.

Here is an album review:
This is MonaLisa Twins tenth album in their tradition of creating the finest rock and roll sounds you will find anywhere these days. Mona and Lisa Wagner grew up from a very early age living and breathing Beatles music as well as other great 60s legends, and the Beatles brilliance rubbed off on them in spades. In this latest “Live at the Cavern Club” album, and so fitting since that is where the Beatles started out too, you will experience some of the finest rock and roll sounds you will hear anywhere by Mona and Lisa who have honed their musicianship skills to master perfection. They play with such feeling, passion, and musical finesse. If you spend any time at their You Tube channel and experienced their music videos of classic covers and their own inspired originals, you will discover soon enough their harmonies are stuff of the legends like the Beatles, Everly Brothers and Simon & Garfunkle, but in many ways I think even eclipses them because of their incomparable diversity and richness of their vocals. Mona and Lisa’s singing and beautiful harmonies are breathless.

In this live album the MonaLisa Twins take many great classics by the Beatles, The Who, The Kinks and other 60s legends and apply their own masterful guitar work and magnificent vocals and harmonies with the energy and vibe of a live performance atmosphere of the Cavern Club to give you a musical experience second to none. You will feel the extreme passion and love for the great 60s music Mona and Lisa possess. A lot of the covers they do of these 60s classics, MonaLisa Twins have transformed them in their interpretation and made it all their own staying true to the essence and magic of the original to offer a new fresh experience that does justice to the original song and artist. There are a few MonaLisa Twins original songs on this album from their 2012 debut album, When We’re Together, that fit in perfectly alongside these great classics you will enjoy, which attests to the remarkable song writing talent they have. MonaLisa Twins are song writing artists in their own right and are not just a tribute act, which makes this album that much more special, remarkable, and fulfilling.

I can’t recommend this album enough as it’s absolutely brilliant, and I am certain you will be so happy you got it.

If you enjoyed this album, I also highly recommend checking out their 2017 album Orange, if you haven’t already, to experience their inspired original work that is also second to none, and stay tuned for a new third original album in 2021! You can find more information at their website . They also have The MonaLisa Twins Club where you can experience top notch rich exclusive content including access to their live performance videos and acoustic session videos, VLOGs, and special features that can’t be found anywhere else I highly recommend as well. It’s like a special backstage pass.

A couple more songs from the album.

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