Elvis Presley vs The Beatles

Which artist do you like more?

  • Elvis Presley

  • The Beatles

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Joey Self

A Voice Of Reason
May 2, 2005
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@BeatleMatt I do have all the Elvis movies on DVD. I really liked his acting attributes. He definitely was an entertainer. My mother had one of those velvet backed Elvis paintings that we gifted to one of her young friends after mom’s passing who is an Elvis freak.

My grandmother, born in 1907, loved Elvis movies. When I'd spend the night with my grandparents in the 60's, if one was on--those were the days when we had three channels, no VCR or DVR--you better not interfere with her viewing pleasure!

She had several albums on her cheap turntable that would drop one after one finished playing, and I know she had an Elvis album or two in that stack. I think she listened to a stack one day and then turned it over the next day. And when she got cable and had WTBS and other cable stations, she made sure to know when one was on.

I don't think she ever figured out how to work a VCR.

She died in 2006, a year after her daughter (my mom). She had a surviving daughter, so I didn't get involved in the funeral planning; if I had, I would have included SOMETHING to reference her love for Elvis.

Oh...my vote in the thread was for the Beatles, of course; I wasn't THAT close to her...


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