Eddie Van Halen Photo Book Coming in June

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Jan 21, 2010
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Veteran rock photographer Ross Halfin announces a new Eddie Van Halen book, with a foreword written by Tony Iommi.

Titled simply Edward Van Halen by Ross Halfin, the souvenir is available for pre-order now in four editions priced between $124 (£89) and $1,528 (£1,100). Pictures range from Van Halen’s first tour of the U.K. through their Sammy Hagar era.

Rufus Publications describes Edward Van Halen by Ross Halfin as "a 356-page celebration of rock’s iconic guitar player, a man who changed the way rock music would be played forever,” in a statement on the sales site. “This extensive photo book features many classic and unseen shots chosen by Ross from his personal archive. ... Respected journalist Mark Blake provides a career essay on Van Halen's hugely successful career.”

In the foreword, Iommi writes: “[Black] Sabbath were making the Cross Purposes album, and we were doing a song called ‘Evil Eye.’ I suggested Eddie have a go. He played it with us and started doing all the guitar parts and solos. I still have a recording of it somewhere, which we may put out at some point in the future.”

Edward Van Halen by Ross Halfin is due in June. The higher-priced versions come with lenticular cover and a guitar-shaped slipcase. The most expensive edition, a signed-and-numbered book from the first of the run, already sold.

Active since the '70s, Halfin has become known for his work with Metallica, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath, Guns N’ Roses, Judas Priest and many others.

Read More: Eddie Van Halen Photo Book Coming in June | https://ultimateclassicrock.com/eddie-van-halen-ross-halfin/?utm_source=tsmclip&utm_medium=referral

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