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Sep 4, 2011
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I have been re-watching several times over the last few days DEEP PURPLE'S performance at the California Jam in April 1974 in a fuller more complete version of there concert performance that includes the previously missing Lay Down Stay Down plus some extra on stage scenes that were not included in the original BBC video cassette released way back in 1980/81.

The band put in a blistering performance and are playing at the top of there game from start to finish culminating in Ritchie Blackmore thrashing his strat then attacking a on stage camera first by battering the camera and then by ramming the broken guitar neck into the camera lens before finally Ritchie's late guitar roadie Ron Quinton is given the nod by Ritchie to set alight a tray of petrol that was placed on top of one of Ritchie's Marshall stacks blowing half the stage up in a explosive fireball!!.

Set list-

1:Burn 2:Might Just Take Your Life 3:Lay Down Stay Down 4:Mistreated 5:Smoke On The Water 6:You Fool No One-including Blackmore's guitar solo and a Ian Paice drum solo and culminating with The Mule 7:Space Trucking including Jon's Hammond organ solo & Blackmore's guitar crash finale!!.

One very small thing that I like is when the camera and microphone shows and picks up David Coverdale saying to himself just as the first song Burn is about to start "Awwww..." in amazement while he is standing on stage in front of 250.000 people!!.

Ritchie Blackmore-David Coverdale-Glenn Hughes-Jon Lord & Ian Paice
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