55 Years Ago: Brian Jones Plays Last Show With The Rolling Stones

Nai Noswad

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Jul 17, 2019
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The lands of Marshall Stack.
Thanks Connie, difficult to express words about Brian... I'll start by ignoring all the "stuff" about him and herald his contribution towards music in the 20th Century. Without his enthusiasm and passion for Delta Blues (and a few others) the 1960s explosion may have never happened... and if it did, minus Elmo Hopkins aid-it'd taken on a different form.
I suspect a savvy Keith caught up quite quickly... and took the reins, and has not let go since!
(hence Ron only getting 2 credits in fifty years)
'Black Limousine' and ' Hey Negrita'.
I've visited Brian's resting place a few times and feel saddened he's not here today... only imagining the contributions and collaborations he'd have made over time.
Since the loss of Charlie and the dropping of 'Brown Sugar' and changing live lyrics of 'Some Girls' and 'Sympathy for the Devil' - my passion has wained with their woke.... the first four albums are the nuggets that contain the magic of Jones.
God bless the Nanker!

Rory Gallagher

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Sep 4, 2011
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London Town
Brian's death is like Jimi Hendrix's death shrouded in mystery. The official version of Brian's death is that he accidently drowned in his swimming pool during a midnight dip in 1969 while some in recent years have claimed that he was murdered in his swimming pool by being held under the water by a guy who was doing some work on Brian's cottage at the time who apparently made a 'death bed confession' saying that he killed Brian?. The so called 'death bed confession' was apparently witnessed by a guy named Tom Keylock a Stones 'fixer' and roadie who has also subsequently passed away in recent years and some people believe that Tom Keylock may have been more involved in Brian's death than he let on?. Anyway 54 years have now passed since Brian's death and the likelihood of the truth ever coming out gets more and more remote has the years pass by.

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