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Jackrabbit Slim
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Jul 9, 2010
May 28, 2010
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Jackrabbit Slim

Junior Member, from Derbyshire, England

Jackrabbit Slim was last seen:
Jul 9, 2010
    1. joker1961
      Hi Jackrabbit Slim, don't now if your still around here lately. but I`d like to befriend you
    2. Sox
      There's an eck of a lot of young talent sliding up through the folk scene that goes un-noticed ... it's a shame.
    3. Jackrabbit Slim
      Jackrabbit Slim
      Yeah mate they were great - Norma Waterson was singing with him and she had me in tatters when she sung a song about the miner's struggle in '84.
      Pete Molinari, The Lost Brothers and Richard Hawley were all brilliant too but 2 lasses called The Smoke Fairies really took me by surprise.
    4. Sox
      Can't believe Martin Carthy was at the gig ... me and Tone were gutted, hope it was a corker mate.
    5. Sox
      May have to chase up some of them folky tunes mate the guitar feel is top notch.
    6. Sweaty
      Ayup mate, let's hope you get some good tunes recommended on here, well you will, good to see you on here mate, speak soon.
    7. Sox
      Yeah looking forward to it, i'll either give you a quick ring or Tray will text before I set Off. :grinthumb
    8. Flower
      You're welcome Jack ... We would love for you to start a "Hello" thread. It's a friendly forum and people want to say Hi and welcome/help out new members. Have fun .. :)
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