1. mrblond

    Popularity METER [3]

    Okay, next 10 names in the series. Now, I just post again only the scale. If missed, Please, take part in Round 1 HERE and Round 2 HERE too. The Scale: level of your knowledge of the given performer 5 pts - Yes, Absolutely You know well considerable part of their careers and works. 3 pts -...
  2. mrblond

    Popularity METER [1]

    A research project which is to find out the level of popularity of individuals and groups in the contemporary music. There will be series of threads with randomly selected lists of 10. It is going to culminate in a chart list. 1. Simply give to each of the listed names points according to the...
  3. mrblond

    Poll: The Ultimate Songs by Saxon

    You are invited in this poll to determine together the most loved and the most memorable tunes created by Saxon. Debuting in 1979, their last studio release so far is Thunderbolt (2018). The poll will be in two rounds. So, no matter how many albums of theirs you know, for the first round...

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