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Apr 19, 2020
Oct 22, 2014
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Virginia, USA

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Senior Member, from Virginia, USA

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Apr 19, 2020
    1. Radagast
      Fantastic, I'll be reading and posing questions. It is my hope to both learn and foster better understanding .
    2. recgord27
      I see you started the thread (ambush :)). I started answering some of your questions, but it's very difficult for me to just discuss such a broad subject.
      SA is indeed a complex country with first and third world sections living side by side. Our politics are even more complex. Like the rest of the world, we're suffering from everything having to be 100% politically correct so that a lot of social ills and injustices are swept under the carpet (eg. the murder and torture of mainly white farmers - google it to learn more). Our problems are many, but then which country doesn't have any.
      Anyway, I think it will be easier for me to answer if you can ask directed questions on the thread and I will try answer them as best that I can. There are other members that could also contribute with different perspectives, namely musikwala, bospatrollie and I think Rocknroller(?) who all also live here.
    3. Radagast
      I would not think that most , including myself, understand your country. I know that many changes have taken place there in the last few decades.
      What sports are popular there ? Basketball ? Baseball ? Tennis ?
      Have you ever viewed American Football ?
      What is the weather like there ? Is there a crime problem , is it a safe place to visit ?
      Where do you get Television Programming from ?
      Is Pizza a popular food there ? What Beers do you enjoy there ?
      Is Beef raised ? Chickens ? Pigs ?
      What wild animals may be hunted with a licence ? Is fishing good there ?
      Is poverty a major problem ? Are insects something that are battled ?
      How are the roads and trains, OK ?
      Dr. Christian Barnard is world famous for Heart Surgery, how is the health care there ?

      A little more to think about . Please share with this world your Beauty as well as your concerns . Perhaps you may be able to think of a post or two . :)
    4. recgord27
      Hey good idea about a thread on life in South Africa. I'll give some thought
    5. Lynch
      I didn't imply that you didn't know how to use the search, simply reminding you that it's there, especially when this is the 2nd time in a week you've gone out and opened a new thread like this that needed to be merged with a previous thread. No need to get snippy.

      Also, if you think that the incorrectly placed "official" thread is in the wrong place, then the best idea would be to say something to a moderator or simply state your thoughts in the incorrectly placed "official" thread rather than just running rogue and opening a new thread in another area with little useful info in it.

      Thank you
    6. Radagast
      I posted where I did on purpose. The"official" BS &T thread in the wrong decade. They were a 60's group ! "Hint" I knew where the "Official" was and I know how to use the search when it is necessary.
    7. Lynch
    8. Radagast
      Radagast was also one of Tolkien's Wizzards, a good one that is not spoken of much. I can appreciate your avatar idea, but I believe that a change would work well. Perhaps something to do with the WIND. Explore Google images, you never know what you'll find waiting just for you. ;-)
    9. Mistral Wind
      Mistral Wind
      Hi, Radagast!
      Thanks for your message! :-)
      Don't worry, the sentence in my avatar is a joke! It's a sentence that I read on the T-Shirt of a singer, in a music video in which her face was never shown well.
      Ps: I like your nickname, it reminds me of Tolkien! ;-)
    10. Soot and Stars
      Soot and Stars
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