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    Mashup: Metallica and Bryan Adams?

    Haha this is good!
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    All Along the Watchtower
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    Thick as a Brick!
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    We're Not Gonna Take It
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    Breakfast in America
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    Turn to Stone - great track to start off a great album! One of my favorites
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    Muse (Official Thread)

    I got a pretty good deal on seats on stubhub - didn't wanna pay too much so I'm up in the rafters (though in the first row ;) ). Tickets can be pretty pricey these days~
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    Muse (Official Thread)

    :cheers2 So I officially bought my tickets to see them in March here in Chicago. I am very excited!!! Anyone else seeing them on their latest tour?
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    Muse (Official Thread)

    A great heavy track. It's hard to believe sometimes that this is the same band that just made Madness. Just shows their diversity but yeah - they should come back next album with at least a few really kick *** tunes like this one! TiTCGPvtbQ0
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    Muse (Official Thread)

    Been loving this song lately: GS4d8H19ZB8
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    Muse (Official Thread)

    So I have to admit Muse has now crept up into my top ten favorite bands. I don't think a day has gone by where I haven't listened to some Muse since I have discovered them! I think I'm a little obsessed at the moment. Is this a problem? LOL
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    The Darkness (Official Thread)

    I did notice that as well with the very high notes. I couldn't tell if he was trying to make them sound more gnarly or if he was straining to hit them. I hope he isn't losing some of his range - that would be sad :( They are touring and stopping here in Chicago in January - thinking of trying to...
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    Muse (Official Thread)

    Anyone planning on seeing Muse on their current tour? It is a high possibility that I am going to get tickets to see them here in Chicago in March - should be a great show!
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    The Darkness (Official Thread)

    Haha I watched the video like yeah - that was pretty bad - then I just saw your comment. LOL!!!! Spongebob hahahaha yeah that's why I can't watch those shows. The judges and audience like the crappiest stuff. I always ask myself - do they have ears??
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    The Darkness (Official Thread)

    Just picked up the new album. I like it! Favorite song on it right now: tPmwkEmsSLM

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