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    Tour Preview: Why 2012 Is Shaping Up to Be a Monster Year

    Any possibility of Aerosmith on the road next year?
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    Steven Tyler loses teeth in bathtub slipup

    He tripped on his lips....:P
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    New Aerosmith Album Due in March '12

    The last couple of years have been beyond turbulent for Aerosmith – but now, Steven Tyler tells Rolling Stone that the new album is almost done. "Two months doing that and we’re almost there," Tyler said backstage at the iHeartRadio festival in Las Vegas this past weekend. "We’re gonna spend...
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    Ace Frehley vs Angus Young

    Angus Young easily for me.
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    Ticket Outlets You Use?

    What other ticket outlets do you guys use? Ticketmaster is an obvious but thats always a pain to deal with and is kinda pricey. Any other outlets you guys use?
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    Top 40 hair metal bands of all time according to Planet Rock

    Good list...I wouldn't consider Aerosmith and Van Halen to be in the list. Twisted Sister is ranked a little to high.
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    Most Overplayed Albums on Classic Rock stations?

    I think Boston's self-titled album is played the hell out of. I also find Moving Pictures to be overplayed out of all of Rush's albums. But hey, it doesnt bother me that much cause both those albums are amazing...
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    Ultimate Classic Rock Drummer: Finals

    Peart...he's just a lot more creative and skilled than Bonham is to me.
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    Guns N' Roses vs. Van Halen

    Van Halen easily has more material even with the Hagar and Roth eras by themselves than GNR has that I like. Go to go Van Halen...
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    New Rush DVD pushed back

    Even tho I saw the concerts in Kansas City and Nashville, I'll still be getting this.
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    Mis Heard Joe Cocker Lyrics

    That was Got a good laugh out of that vid...
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    Good Music News Sites?

    What music news websites do you guys look at and read? I know there's got to be better sources of music news than Rolling Stone and Yahoo. Doesn't necessarily have to be just rock music news. Thanks....
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    Battle of 1980

    I was thinking the same thing....
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    Concert Ticket Stubs Facebook Gallery

    That's cool stuff there. What's the other website to this?

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