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    Best Forgotten Bands of the 70's.

    I have been reading over the last few hours of Johnny Winter's USA concert appearances between 1970-1975 that was Johnny's 'rock period' and it becomes clear after reading the concert reviews that Johnny was at the 'top of his game' killing audience after audience across the states during this...
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    What was the first song you heard from Led Zeppelin that made you a fan?

    I never really listened to 'Zeppelin' much in the past BUT recently I got in to listening to the first two albums and to be honest I'm enjoying listening to them both. I think I bought the 45rpm single Whole Lotta Love b/w Black Dog back in the early 1970s but I can't really remember buying...
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    Summer Greetings

    Feel like a BBQ and a few bottles of beers down at the crossroads at midnight under a Mississippi moon on a summer night playing some slide blues dudes...
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    Thin Lizzy box set

    Totally agree with your post above Vehicle basically music has become devalued maybe in the last 25-30 years since the days of Napster and down loading music that started in the late 1990s and maybe even earlier with the advent of cds in the early 1980s although cds didn't really take off until...
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    Dio Chevy that's one killer rock name dude I bet you look like Jon Bon Jovi circa 1986 Slippery When Wet era that's really cool dude. :guitar:
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    Van Halen 1998

    I bought a double-cd of a 1998 radio broadcast of the band playing Pittsburgh USA with Gary Cherron ex Extreme on vocals promoting the Van Halen III album although I haven't played it yet. Van Halen III isn't regarded to highly by Van Halen fans but I thought it was ok. Also I have a Van Halen...
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    Not permitted to view forums

    I was once on a non-musical forum several years ago that had some sort of 'restricted to certain members only' thing on it where apparently 'straight talking' was encouraged which I presumed meant swearing was ok and insulting other members was possibly acceptable and even possibly some 'near...
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    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    Regarding Mick Taylor Mick Jagger regarded him as 'pretty looking' when he joined the Stones a typical Jagger remark but his decision to quit came 'out of the blue' to everyone possibly over not being recognised for his musical contributions?. Regarding Bill because Bill was a bit older than...
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    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    Yeah individually Mick & Keith were probably easier to handle when they were on their own but together no way what they said went. Mick wouldn't upset Charlie cos Charlie wouldn't take any crap off Mick or Keith for that mater so Charlie was left alone and as for Bill I get the feeling he was...
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    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    They were possibly the worse major rock band with regards to writing credits Jagger-Richards. The only band members who get money are the guy who wrote the song and the guy who wrote the melody and that's it. The drums were part of the arrangement so got sweet F.A!.Some bands shared the writing...
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    Lynyrd Skynyrd Rethink Farewell: ‘Maybe It’s Not Our Time to Go’

    No wonder Gary Rossington & Johnny Van Zant both wanna keep milking it to the bitter end!.
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    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    I read a story 15-20 years ago that Bill told about the recording of his first solo album called Monkey Grip in 1974 and something about both Jagger & Richards didn't rate it and let him know they didn't and Bill felt side lined over it and then went on to say that in The Who both Pete Townshend...
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    The Rolling Stones (Official Thread)

    I actually like Bill's Downtown Suzie it's ok for repeated listening.
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    Dio Chevy you certainly have a great sounding name dude are you looking for a manager?. You sound like a hot shot metal guy with a cool name like that?. Welcome on board dude.
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    Lynyrd Skynyrd Rethink Farewell: ‘Maybe It’s Not Our Time to Go’

    I don't particularly want to receive 'hate mail' from Skynyrd fans but this band should have called it a day after the plane went down in 1977 and Ronnie, Steve and some of the road crew were all killed.

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