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    Phil Collins (Official Thread)

    Favourite Phil Collins song is a song that he performed with Phil Baily called Easy Lover from 1985 one of those 1980s songs that takes me straight back to the 1980s along with the Tears For Fears song Everybody Wants To Rule The World also from 1985
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    Joe Bonamassa (Official Thread)

    The lad can play
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    David Lee Roth: ‘I’m Retiring’

    I have 4 or 5 cds from 'Diamond' Dave and they're alright to listen to Crazy From The Heat, Eat 'Em And Smile & Skyscraper are three of them . I like the report of Dave dancing on the hoods of automobiles that were parked outside a showbiz event in LA maybe back in the 90s?. Also of the rock...
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    Iron Butterfly (Official Thread)

    I once had a dvd of Iron Butterfly performing a live concert in the US maybe during the 1990s or early 2000s and I wish I kept it. It wasn't spectacular in anyway but it was a good solid performance to watch. Bobby Caldwell was the original drummer in Captain Beyond who once played with Johnny...
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    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    Hi Magic haven't seen you for awhile. The Montrose album above I once had it maybe back in the late 1980s on vinyl. M stands for MEAN anyway I have been waiting for this Montrose album to be released on cd in the UK for over 30 years!!. I wish someone would hurry up and released it before I...
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    RIP Alan Lancaster

    Alan's death was briefly mentioned at the end of a BBC radio 4 weekday evening 'Arts programme' called 'Front Row' between 7:43-7:45pm this evening (27/09/21) and a few bars of the 'Quo song' Down Down was briefly played in tribute and was then faded out.
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    RIP Alan Lancaster

    Alan Lancaster bass player and founding member of Status Quo has died aged 72 RIP Alan
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    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    FREE a live bootleg recording from late 1972 in the north east of England Featuring Paul Rodgers vocals, Simon Kirke drums, Paul Kossoff guitar, John 'Rabbit' Bundrick organ/vocals & Tetsu Yamauchi bass 1. I'm On The Run 2. Heartbreaker 3. Soldier Boy 4. Come Together In The Morning 5...
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    Song battle! KISS vs. AC/DC

    I bought Psycho Circus years ago when it was first released mainly cos of the actual cd picture disc & cd sleeve artwork although I can't remember the music?. I recall the cd sleeve was 3D? Thunderstruck
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    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    I actually would like to get hold of a Iron Maidens cd just out of curiosity and see what they make of covering the Iron Maiden stuff?.
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    What Are You Listening To? (No Videos)

    Interesting seeing the Warner Reprise version of DPs In Rock I've never seen the US release before. In the UK it was released on EMI. A ground breaking record in it's time 1970 and still rated highly by some 1970s heavy rock and metal guys. Ritchie Blackmore said at the time "If a song wasn't...
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    IRON MAIDEN Announces 17th Studio Album, 'Senjutsu'

    Well in that case if it sounds the like 'Killers' era Maiden and Montrose then it sounds interesting.
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    Iron Maiden (Official Thread)

    Maybe Steve Harris should fire Dave Murray and Janick Gers and bring in two young Japanese female guitarists into the band to give the world tour a oriental flavour?. Only joking Riff...
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    Joe Bonamassa (Official Thread)

    With regards to Joe's cds that I bought I bought the following- 1.British Blues Explosion Live!. 2.Sloe Gin 3.Driving Towards Daylight 4.Live From Nowhere Particular 5.You & Me 6.Black Coffee (with Beth Hart) Except for British Blues Explosion Live the other albums I bought were mainly because...
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    Samantha Fish

    Thanks SDM for the heads up. Actually I mite check out tomorrow in my regular record/cd shop and see if the vinyl version of Faster is in the rakes because I like coloured vinyl plus it's a great album cover and if I can pick up a vinyl copy I shall put it up on my wall instead of Madonna's...

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