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    Too 10 Queen Songs

    I'm In love With My Car Seven Seas of Rhye I Want To Break Free Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy Don't Stop Me Now I'm Going Slightly Mad Fat Bottomed Girls Killer Queen Innuendo Killer Queen
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    Top 10 Rush Songs

    Natural Science Different Strings Subdivisions The Fountain of Lamneth The Necromancer I think I'm Going Bald YYZ 2112 Tears A Passage To Bangkok Time Stand Still
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    Top 15 Underrated Guitarists

    Gary Moore Steve Hillage Lindsey Buckingham Phil Miller John Goodsall Snowy White Phil Manzanara Carlos Santana Andy Latimer Alan Holdsworth Neal Schon
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    Your top 10 Black Sabbath songs?

    Fairies Wear Boots Snowblind The Wizard Sabra Cadabra Symptom Of The Universe Mob Rules Lady Evil Heaven and Hell Slipping Away
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    Songs You Can't Stand

    Billy Joel- Big Shot Lynyrd Skynyrd- Free Bird I'm Sure there's more I just can't think of them at the moment.
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    popular bands that you hate

    U2 Bruce Springsteen Grateful Dead Nirvana REM KISS Sinatra Talking Heads
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    Which Rock Song Are You?

    Bohemian Rhapsody
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    Classic Rock song battle #18

    Buffalo Springfield
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    Do you think Sabotage is one of the "great" Black Sabbath albums?

    Sabotage is one of my most favorite Sabbath albums, Symptom of the Universe rocks my socks.
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    What's the most overrated classic rock song?

    I think Free Bird is Overrated and i'm sick of hearing it! :gig
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    Led Zeppelin In Through the Out Door album cover variants

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I was a bit reluctant to try the watercolor aspect of the sleeve. I didn't want to ruin it. But i just got a Q-tip damp and rubbed it over a small corner and it changed.
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    Led Zeppelin In Through the Out Door album cover variants

    Hey there all Zep heads! Recently I found out about the 6 cover variants on ITTOD vinyl and the water color inner sleeve which just blew my mind! :pullhair: I just tried it and the cigarette pack actually turned blue!! Anyway, my question is: Is any one of these six variant covers more...
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    Priest VS Maiden

    Judas Priest Never got into Maiden, I like a few songs but that's it.

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