When Your Debut Album Is A Smash


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Jul 8, 2022
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In The Land Of Submarines
List your five favorite debut albums which also happens to be your favorite album from that artist. This is not a " your favorite five debut albums." Led Zeppelin (1969) is a killer debut album but it is not my favorite album from Led Zeppelin
Five first albums from five artists which would also be your favorite album from those artist.

The Rainmakers (1986) - The Rainmakers
Brilliant debut album that I immediately loved from side one to side two. They have had some really great records since but I think their first album is fantastic!

The Doors (1967) - The Doors
What a way to start a career. This is like a greatest hits album and it was just an introduction to their music. I have a few other studio albums but this one is really the only one I listen to in it's entirety.

Core (1992) -Stone Temple Pilots
There is not much comparison between The Doors and Stone Temple Pilots but I think there was a little Jim Morrison in Scott Weiland. Absolutely STP's best album right out of the gate. Easily my favorite STP album.

Sixteen Stone (1994) - Bush
Another great example of how to introduce your band. Every track on this release is good and I cannot say that about any of their other albums.

Boston (1976) - Boston
Again, such a great first album and subsequent Boston albums were just lacking. I rarely even listen to Third Stage. But who doesn't love their first album?


Jul 2, 2022
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Sydney, Australia
The CARS debut album in 1978, is my favourite CARS album.
Their other albums were a bit patchy and inconsistent.
Their debut album is the only CARS album I own.
As with a lot of Bands you can take the 2/3 best tracks from a few / several albums to make one great album.

STATUS QUO are unique in many ways.
From 1968-1983 they released 15 consecutive albums,of which 13 were Top Quality.
Coincidentally, in 1981, their Drummer of 20 years, John Coghlan, left QUO due to Francis Rossi's cocaine affected behaviour.
Dictatorial and lacking any consultation with other Band members.
Their 1982 & 1983 albums had a few good songs on each & could have been amalgamated onto one good album.
Alan Lancaster, their founding member in 1962, couldn't take any more of Rossi's egomaniacal behaviour, so he left in 1984.
Rossi thought it was a good idea to record a disgusting & vulgar Country song
" Marguerita Time " which Lancaster despised with every fibre of his body.
In fact Jimmy Lea ( Bass ) from SLADE appeared in the video of the song.
That's how much Lancaster hated the song.
It is repulsive and embarrassing.

Lancaster lost the court case to stop Rossi & Parfitt using his Band's name STATUS QUO.
Lancaster said it was " like having one of your children abducted & abused "
The demise of the Greatest Rock Band in History couldn't have been scripted any better by the writers at SPINAL TAP.
When the Band members looked into the crowd at their 2013/2014 Reunion Concerts they saw Men & Women crying uncontrollably, because the Greatest Rock Band in History were on stage in front of them.

Unfortunately, today Rossi is continuing under the name STATUS QUO in his 'Cabaret ' version of the Band.

4500 Times I told you how much I care.

RIP - Alan 'Nuff ' Lancaster & Rick ' Reg ' Parfitt

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Mar 16, 2020
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Straight Outta Planet Vegeta
Fallen (2003) - Evanescence
This album means a lot. It makes me feel like a teenager again. Their other albums are good, but fail in comparison to this.

Songs About Jane (2002) - Maroon 5
I feel the same about this album, as I do Fallen.

Hybrid Theory (2000) - Linkin Park
All of LP's hits came from this album. The tracklist is so iconic.

Aerosmith (1973) - Aerosmith
Two of my favorite songs they did came from this one; Dream On & Walkin' The Dog.

The Better Life (2000) - 3 Doors Down
Kryptonite, nuff said


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Jul 8, 2022
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In The Land Of Submarines
Are you suggesting that you like the Led Zeppelin album more than the Led Zeppelin IV album or Physical Graffiti?
And that you like the Black Sabbath album greater than the Paranoid album?


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Mar 2, 2012
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The Barrens
Lynyrd Skynyrd 1974
Boston 1976
Foreigner 1977
Van Halen 1978
The Cars 1978

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