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Villians - Velocity (2012)

Discussion in 'Album Reviews' started by getsumostuff21, Apr 8, 2012.

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    Apr 8, 2012
    This is a great record by eclectic southern rockers 'The Villains'. Produced by Stan Lynch of Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, it has a 70's rock throwback feel with great songs and performances. Depending on what track you listen to, you could call them Americana, Country, Rock, Bluegrass or Alternative, and yet somehow it all seems to work together. They have four strong vocalists in the band and can evoke bands like the Eagles and Pure Prarie League. Joining excellent lead guitarist Michael Wilkes on several tracks is journeyman guitar slinger Peter Stroud of such acts as Sheryl Crow and Don Hendley.

    tracks on Velocity;
    1.Cadillac- a catchy southern rocker with a hint of Cheap Trick.
    2.Rainy Day Girl- a fresh sounding rock tune with great atmosphere. You may hear this on on radio near you.
    3.I've got a Feeling- a midtempo optimistic view on life getting better when it can't get worse.
    4. Don't know a thing- this is a rework of a song Ringo Starr recorded years back and it is awesome. Lush vocal harmonies and guitar tones.
    5.This is Nowhere- a story of the city with Springsteen-ish lyrics and a cool tight counterpoint harmony.
    6.You're the only right- an acoustic ditty that borders on Bluegrass, a nice break in the action to feel some sincere emotion.
    7.Down for the Last Time- a dark rocker that could be an unreleased cut form 'Damn the Torpedoes' turn this one up till it blows.
    8.Bourbon Angel- homage to their southern rock roots. Swamp stomp.
    9. Adelaine- a moody cautionary tale of love and acceptance. It's the western in Country and Western.
    10. Now you're Free- and piano and vocal solo by Michael Magno, soulfull and moody. 'Imagine'-esque
    11.747- An uptempo country tinged burner a la 'Take it Easy'
    12.Heartache, Whiskey, and Beer- the story of the band's early years. A tongue in cheek waltz that lays out the struggle of a band on the edge of success.... that never quite got there.

    From top to bottom one of the most solid sophomore albums I've heard in Years.

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