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Apr 7, 2010
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North Hollywood, CA
I thought I posted this but I can't find it, so, here it is. If this is a duplicate, feel free to let me know and delete it.

Worlds Collide (2010)
Unruly Child
Frontiers Records
Produced by: Bruce Gowdy & Guy Allison

For the Genre: ****- (4/5)
Compared to the Era: ***** (5/5)

Summary: Artistically sophisticated, even if it is lacking in a few areas.

The thing that first struck me about this record is the excellent production quality, which is something that is far from par for the course. Whether we are talking about independent releases or major RIAA productions, a clean, crisp and clear mix is not something anyone should take for granted. In particular, I was extremely happy with the drum mix, which is rare. I almost never like the drum mix, even on some of my all-time favorite albums!

The good news persists with the fact that there are a number of very catchy songs like “When We Were Young,” which has a lot of attitude to get started but then takes you higher with a magical sounding chorus in the middle sections. Another winner was “When Worlds Collide,” a song with a sound that could have made it a staple on rock FM radio throughout the late 1970s and 80s. “Life Death” was one of my favorites because in spite of the kind of its dry sounding 70s-era Styx-like chorus, the main hook on that track is heavy and deep, with a groove that hits you in your stomach. I couldn’t get enough of it. “Very First Time,” to me at least, sounded like a very radio-friendly track that could have found a home on the charts in nearly any era throughout the last 40 years with a terrific vocal performance, clean and simple production, and an up-beat arrangement to match.

Not every song on the album is a winner, though. For example, “Read My Mind” has an excellent beginning but goes in a direction that, to me, didn’t seem quite right. I’m sure others will disagree, finding it emotional and compelling—but it didn’t have that effect on me. Furthermore, I was also disappointed with Frontiers’ choice to go with the cardboard wrap on this record. Especially since the great Hugh Syme did the graphics art. This was one of those albums where a full jewel case with a CD booklet would have been preferred. As it stands, my recommendation stands at just buying downloads of a few of the better songs on this album.

Metal Head Mike

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Dec 23, 2011
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Good Review. This is a good album by Unruly Child. I own all there albums. But this has became one of my favourites by the band

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