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Triumph's classic "Allied Forces" to be reissued for 30th anniversary

Discussion in 'Music News' started by That 70s Guy, Jul 30, 2011.

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    Jan 21, 2010
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    Triumph's 1981 release, Allied Forces, was the album where it all came together for these Canadian prog-metallists * great compositions, great performances, and great album design…back when album designs mattered! And now, fans will be able to take a highly welcome trip down memory lane, as 'Allied Forces' will be reissued as a "30th Anniversary Vinyl Edition." on Tuesday, September 20th, 2011.
    The album's tracks are from the original source material (as prepared by the legendary Bob Ludwig), while the packaging itself will exactly mirror the original '81 vinyl version (including the four-color, UV coated inner sleeve, complete with photos, lyrics and credits). The record itself will be pressed on pristine 180 gram vinyl, which will also include a free download card, so fans can download this rock n' roll classic , as well as a video, directly to their digital player.
    TML Entertainment will be releasing the album, distributed by ADA in the US and UMG in Canada. The LP will be manufactured by Rainbo Records in Los Angeles, the premier replicator of vinyl in North America.
    'Allied Forces' spawned two of Triumph's most beloved and enduring arena rock anthems * "Magic Power" and "Fight the Good Fight."
    Produced by the group themselves (vocalist/guitarist Rik Emmett, bassist Michael Levine, and vocalist/drummer Gil Moore), the nine-track album was certified Platinum, and has gone on to sell an impressive 2.5 million copies worldwide.
    "I am excited that the 'Allied Forces' LP is being re-released," enthuses Levine. "Vinyl was always my favorite audio format, because it has really nice warmth and depth. Yet another reason to polish up the turntable and crank up the volume!"
    Additionally, all three members of Triumph, will be debuting the release of the album along with host Bob Coburn, live on Rockline, Wednesday, September 21st (30 years to the week of the album's original release).
    Soon, you will be able to re-create the excitement you experienced when you cruised down to the local record shop to pick up 'Allied Forces,' back in the fall of '81. Get prepared to fight the good fight once more!
    'Allied Forces' Track Listing: Side "A" "Fool for Your Love" * 4:34 "Magic Power" * 4:54 "Air Raid" * 1:18 "Allied Forces" * 5:05 "Hot Time (In This City Tonight)" * 3:23 Side "B" "Fight the Good Fight" * 6:16 "Ordinary Man" * 7:17 "Petite Etude" instrumental * 1:15 "Say Goodbye" * 4:34.
    For more information, visit: TRIUMPH | Official Website, Online Store & Fan Community..

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    Apr 13, 2009
    great record !! maybe their best

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