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Tons of Concert Posters Found .. Mostly 80's ...

Discussion in '80's Music' started by Bearclaw586eBay, Jul 23, 2014.

  1. Bearclaw586eBay

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    Jul 23, 2014
    So my dad ran the box office of a local theater from around 77-91. He made it a habit of keeping just about everything he came across during his days there. Recently he had me go through all his boxes of posters which I had no idea he even kept. Just thought some might find interesting, kinda a blast from the past.

    Vintage Box Office Concert Posters 1977-1991 - Imgur

    We've been finding some new homes for them over the last few months and I just put up the first 1/3 together to see if there would be any interest.


    Thanks so much everyone!

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