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To All The Lurkers...

Discussion in 'CRF Site Announcements' started by newdawnfades, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. newdawnfades

    newdawnfades Senior Member

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    Oct 17, 2005
    In a state of deep, deep fascination
    It seems we have had a lull in activity here at CRF, which brings up a thought. This is still a small site with relatively few members so it's important that everybody participate more to make this place vibrant.

    I can see that we've picked up a good population of lurkers and low activity members. Why not post more? A lion's share of the posts are by maybe a handful of members, yet we have many here that COULD be more involved.

    If you have a thread idea, then create a new thread. If you have something to say but are thinking twice about saying it, then FIGHT THAT SHY INSTINCT and say it anyways.

    Once you start posting a few times it becomes easier, but you have to break the ice and get involved. Don't take the blabbermouths, like myself, for granted. It's times like these that WE NEED more members to be in the thick of things.

    CRF can be a violatile place when most of the content is at the mercy of just a few members. So get off your keister!! Start posting! This place is only as good as the members who keep the engine running.

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