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The Shadows

Discussion in '60's Music' started by WinstonLennon, Oct 10, 2013.

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    Meanwhile, back with the theme of this thread. The Shadows story was told in a very recent BBC TV documentary, and their collective and separate stories are fascinating. Brian Bennett, one of the greatest drummers in popular music, is also a highly successful composer of music for TV and films. Hank has a successful jazz group in Australia and New Zealand paying tribute to the great Django Reinhardt. Bruce is a successful producer. Former member John Farrar established Olivia Newton John’s career and had success with his music for Grease. And it goes on. I live in hope that one day there will be a thread for Cliff - no-one ever lasted 62 years at the top of the music business without having a lot of talent. He is one of the most versatile singers there has ever been - he and the Shadows were there at the beginning of British rock ‘n roll, and he has always given full value in concert, a truly great live performer.

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